Monday, August 30, 2010


milo, 14 weeks

Friday, August 27, 2010


Just poured myself a celebratory second cup of coffee and am blogging in a silent house because the boy is napping in his crib. Why is this a big deal, you ask? Doesn't he always nap? Well, here is the deal. Milo naps, yes. Milo needs lots of rocking, shushing, back rubbing, nursing....and most importantly, Milo prefers to nap in our bed, with me beside him. Yes, i know this is my own damn fault. Yes, I know I am a lousy mom and dumb and doing everything wrong. Yes I know all the damage caused by attachment parenting and I know those kids that are sleep trained, weaned, take pacifiers, ride in strollers, sit in disposable diapers, get 13 vaccines at once and NAP by themselves are all going to be doctors and lawyers and Milo will be cleaning toilets begging for his mom to rub his back. Yes, yes, yes. I know!!!, I put him down in his crib.....awake.....turned on his lil music elephant......left the room.....and HOLY shit people!! He is asleep! Don't worry, he is in a crib with bumpers (hazard!) toys (not toys! He could suffocate!) a cute accent pillow ( what?! Gasp!) blankets, razorblades, plastic bags, gasoline, lighters, and no, he is not swaddled in some trendy swaddling bullshit sack. Yes, I am still a failure of a mom, a silly hippy who smells like falafel, breastfeeds in public and refuses to use Johnson& johnson products.

I wish there was someone here to give me a high five.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 months

Since I can't upload photos from my iPad to my blog (grrrrr)......please go here to see a couple 3 month photos:

Hello blog!

Oh hi poor neglected blog! I know I swore I wouldn't do exactly what I did...but that is life with an infant, I suppose. infant, and a move. And it is summer. And I find blogging on the iPad a pain in the ass. I know, enough excuses....

Moving with a baby during the hottest weekend of the summer.....pretty amazing. The universe has a funny way of saying "fuck you, Dana" I just went to Ikea and bought a couch and when I got home there was a coupon in the mailbox for $25 off at ikea if you spend over $250. Which I did.
I know it is incredibly selfish to think the universe cares enough about me to control when I get a coupon. This happens to be my main issue with religion. It all seems very god would give a crap about me and my dinky little "problems".... That I would even assume he/she/it would hear my pleas for better weather or a safe flight or to find my missing fave t-shirt....even for my fathers health in the middle of cancer scare 2008, seems so completely silly when the earth has issues like mass rape/ murder/ genocide/ starvation/ war/ hate/ torture.....drought.... Fires......floods.....earthquakes....nevermind the fact that I simply find it hard to rationalize believing in the invisible...

Whoa!! I step away from blogging for a minute and look what happens! I need to focus.

So Milo is a baby with very immediate needs. He is very vocal about these needs. He also prefers being held, constant new things to look at, and will not take a bottle. He must nurse every couple hours, for at least a couple minutes or else his head will explode. He has blue eyes, loves water and bath time, hates carseats, and has a smile that has made me burst into tears a number of times. Oh boy does he make my heart grow daily.

I also have a new appreciation for my mother, who I would die without. Or at least I would be out of my noggin, babbling in the corner.... Or I would be shit faced drunk all the time. But no....thanks to my mom....I get stuff shower weekly.

We still cosleep. Still love cloth diapers. We moved and I didn't have a nervous breakdown. I am madly in love with my husband, my dramatic, sassy little girl, my chubby thighed baby boy, my beautiful new house with a front porch, garden and nook, and has never been so good.