Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 months later?

Has it really been 6 months since I had a baby girl in my dining room?

I just cleared off all the photos from my iphone...for the first time since I got it.  over 3000 photos.

Here are some pics from Oct 23, 2012

the double rainbow was a nice touch..it felt so magical, even me, the big atheist, I couldn't help but feel the hugeness of that day and that moment...in labor with my double rainbow baby (my second 'rainbow' baby...a term used for a baby after a miscarriage or loss).  I felt like I was such a part of the universe at the moment.

And then the next picture after my last ever pregnancy pic, taken between contractions about an hour before she was born...is this one:

yes, on the boob.  very first pic I took of Lulu.

I still need to sit down and write out her birth story.  It really was such an incredible birth.  So fast. So perfect.  So exactly what I hoped for....it is still fresh in my mind....I haven't lost pieces like I did with Milo...and I'm pretty sure that is because I was never in 'active' labor (that I was aware of) and went from being totally lucid, laughing, chatting...to pushing...to baby in just a few mins.  So it was so clear.

more soon.....