Sunday, January 31, 2010

20 lbs never felt so good.

i was told to lay off the carbs at my last midwife visit and i am not going to do that. thanks for the medical advice, but no i will not stop eating cake, cookies, bread, croissants, pasta, etc. I thought about it....i spent a long time looking in the mirror....i almost made a low carb meal......but, no. no no no. i just can't do it. so i will be a big round pregnant chick. i will not be one of those cute pregnant girls with the lil perfect round belly and tiny everything else. i will complain and some days mope around and cry and say things to my husband like "i am so fat and disgusting, it is uncomfortable to just sit here. will you still love me when you have to call a crane to get me out of the house and they have to weigh me on a cattle scale? will you still love me when you have sponge bath under my fat rolls?"

and he always says "no"....but i think he is kidding. i think.

so i am ok with it. and i would rather be a fat pregnant chick for a few months than be on a diet. i love NOT dieting. LOVE IT. i love food so much. i love butter. oh god i love butter.

and yes i will still be in a bikini 2 days from now. i don't care. i may even be brave enough to take pics of this and post them on the internets for all to see.
look at her go! she is a weight gaining machine!!! just yesterday she was holding her lil belly looking cute, now she is in a giant mumu eating a hot dog! she no longer has ankles, wrists or a neck!

other news:

My mother-in-law is going to be here in March for the baby shower and she is going to teach me to sew!!! yay!!!! our first item will be a crib bumper since i have not been able to find anything close to what i want. I did however find a cute and simple quilt on etsy in the right color scheme. which brings me to......

i bought 2 items from Etsy today! i love etsy!! i love spending money on baby!!!

items bought for baby:

about 20 cloth diapers (a nice mix of aio's and one size pockets)
fancy fluffy coat by "little giraffe" in mocha
dark chocolate brown pj separates in uber fancy and soft bamboo
2-3 target sleepers/outfits
2-3 fancy sleepers/outfits....designer names and way, way too much money.
1 gap outfit plus 3 pack of plain white onsies
H&M newborn set of tiny adorable sleepers/outfits

and now (!!)....

crib quilt from etsy (my first purchase for the nursury!):

i know this is a little girly....but whatever. picture it in a BRIGHT BLUE room.

wetbag (for dirty cloth diapers) from etsy:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

22 weeks 4 days

so i think i passed a kidney stone.

why else would i pee blood?

cool, huh?

ok, enough about that. moving on...

i finally dusted off my camera and took some belly pics. i had one from 14 weeks....and that is it. this is kind of a big deal to me only because i have ZERO pregnancy pics from Riley. oh wait.....i have one. ONE . and it was taken the night before i was induced. 210 + pounds of misery is in that photo. it is painful to look at.

so....i am not promising i won't be huge again....but i will take weekly photos from this point on and put them on my flickr page in a cute folder called "belly".

speaking of getting huge....i baked a delicious chocolate cake last week and ate almost the entire thing myself.

booya! pregnancy rules!!

(except for the whole peeing blood thing. that part kind of sucks)

big fat belly pics can be found here!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Target experience

i went to target for a bra.....and left with 2 bags full of clothes and spent $120 bucks.

i love target.

so, my boobs are HUGE.  well, compared to how they normally are....
needless to say, i got a string bikini for Hawaii.   i also got 2 cute sun dresses (one long and one short), 2 tank tops, a pair of sandals, and a bra.  oh and a fun yellow coat for Spring.  none of it was maternity.  target maternity stuff is all very, very depressing.

trying on a string a target dressing 21 weeks a profound experience.  first of all....Riley makes all sorts of embarrassing favorite was "wow, mom, your boobs are hairy!"

i want to state here that my boobs ARE NOT HAIRY.  but she said was out there....i could hear women in other dressing rooms hold their breath and try not to laugh.

i told her to stop talking.   

a few minutes later she asked "what does XL mean?"  

ahhhh, yes.  those lil zings feel great on the ego.  plus the florescent lighting and awesome mirrors....i think i saw every blemish, every dimple, every vein in its truest form.  i think i had a Dr Phil moment and saw myself for who i truly am.    and i am jiggly.  

so i went home and signed up for prenatal yoga.  i know it isn't much, but it is more than laying on the couch. 

last night was my first of 7 yoga classes.  ever done kegels in a room full of other woman doing kegels?  it is weeeeeird.   but liberating!   whatever!  we are all using our vagina muscles right now!  so what?!  weeeee!   (for visual reference here....we were in a squatting position, legs wide, with our hands a prayer......our bums a few inches off the floor......all of us focusing on our "fleshy triangle"  or our "pelvic floor")

anyway, i know it won't help much with my bathing suit body, but it did feel good to do something to strengthen myself....firm up.....tighten floor among other areas.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

no way i went through the whole bag. someone else must have been sneaking them.

Double Chocolate Milano cookies.

dipped in milk.  

do it.

(try not to eat half the bag in one sitting.  i dare you)

Monday, January 11, 2010

nursery inspiration

ideas for our nursery/ guest room/ room we will be in when baby gets here:

i  have mentioned this before here, but i love bright colors.  i love the colors on this here blog, if i do say so myself....hence me choosing them for the baby blog.  i love aqua, turquoise, robins egg, and seafoam.  i love bright sunshine yellow and tangerine orange.  i like white.  oh and i love birds and owls and squirrels. 

so.  ideas.  i want blue walls.  prob will be seafoam or a light aqua.  or white walls?  i want a white crib.  with either all white bedding, or some type of patterned yellow or orange.  

i have a changing table that is a honey colored wood.  i am 
going to sand it down and paint it. not sure what color yet.  white?  yellow?  

i have a light maple rocking chair.  it will need a fun pillow.

i want fun art.  like cute baby animal stuff mixed with pop culture stuff.  

i feel like i have all these puzzle pieces in front of me and i need to figure out the right combo to make them all fit.  i know it is there.  i feel inspired and excited. for the nurseries i love that get me all hyper to spend lots of money and get creative. all of these can be found here.  Enjoy!!


Coco ate my last bra.  this is bra number 3 for her.  guess who is back on top of my shit list?

It was the one and only bra i had left.  

now i am just bouncing around all freestyle like.  

if i buy a bra that fits me won't fit in a couple months.   so....should i just give up now and grow out my leg and armpit hair?  should i turn vegan and stop wearing makeup?  i mean, i already shower just once a week and only wear elastic waistbands.  

i guess i will run to target and try to find something cheap and temporary.  and i should probably stop that habit i have of removing my bra on the couch and leaving it where it falls.  

Sunday, January 10, 2010

21 weeks

Last week i got a lot of cloth diapers in the mail.  this was very exciting  for me and not as exciting for Dan.  I ran around squealing and trying to show him all the cuteness and he barely glanced in my direction.   After he showed little enthusiasm and wouldn't look up from his sudoku, i did this:

Food is my friend again.  I am so happy to eat and not gag.  The down side, of course, is I am starting to really pack on the pudge.  and not in the cute belly way.  in the jiggle arm, double chin, cottage cheese thighs, need new underwear to fit huge ass....way.   

and yes i love it.  and yes it will all look better with a tan.  yes, a TAN.  Which I will be getting in about 3 weeks when I am soaking up the vitamin D in Hawaii.  tan skin is like camo for jiggly bits.  

Weird pregnancy stuff:  
my hands keep going numb when i sleep.  
i have a weird red blotchy rash on my chest.
one side of my face has acne and the other side is clear and glowing.
my finger nails grew about a half inch in one day.  i cut them, looked down later an they needed to be cut again.  

other stuff:   
are we crazy for even considering selling our house and buying a new one right now?  this would involve lots of cleaning.  then it would include packing.  then moving.  oh and then unpacking.   moving is quite possibly my least favorite thing to do.  it is up there with root canals and catheters.   

but i guess it could also be great because i have this excuse to be totally lazy and hire movers and cleaning people.  and i won't want to move with a baby....and it seems like now is a good time to we wait another year?  

Monday, January 4, 2010

20 weeks

i can't get internet at home anymore.  well, i can on my iphone....but not on my laptop.  it has been amazing to realize i can do almost everything on my all my online cloth dipe research and shopping, facebooking, keeping up with babycenter, and i even registered at land of nod....all on my iphone!!   the one thing i can't do, is blog.  i have tried.  it won't let me.  and there is no app.  bullshit, i know.  

all of that was my long winded explanation for not writing in awhile.!  

baby boy likes to kick and punch and flail a lot these days.   at the ultrasound he was head down, and i think he still is....due to the amount of strong kicks around my belly button and right jabs and left hooks i feel lower in my belly.   i love feeling him move.  it is such a weird and wonderful alien and parasitic, yet magical and fantastic.  nothing really makes you feel pregnant like a weird internal punch to your bladder.  it is your first realization that this life in there is it's own....he is in there, stretching and sucking his thumb and moving around whenever he feels like it...

i am not as sick this week.  i only throw up if i eat breakfast too fast.  i actually feel pretty great these days.  my only real consistent food aversion is chicken.  i really like beef.  bacon is great. fish is good sometimes.  eggs are enjoyable.  but chicken is the most disgusting food imaginable.  

i ordered 13 more diapers over the weekend....bringing my stash total to....20.  10 of those are "one size" diapers which won't fit until he is a lil bigger.....and 10 should fit him from the get go.  i still need to get a few more but i want to wait and see what brand i like best and what fits him best, what washes best ect.   brands i have so far to try out:  bumgenius (the xs and s "all in ones" which will fit earlier and the "one size" that will fit when he gets bigger) fuzzibunz, blueberry, rumparooz (both the "one size" and the "lil joey" for infants), smartipants, and thirsties aio.....

i linked all of those so anyone can go see how cute cloth diapers are and to see all the crazy differences.  enjoy!

for Christmas i got tickets to Hawaii!!!  whooohooo!!   we go in February,  and i made the mistake of trying on a maternity bathing suit yesterday.  um.....fugly.  so fugly.   there is nothing cute about maternity swimsuits.  so i am just going to squeeze myself in my old 2 piece and let it all hang out.  doesn't that sound better?