Friday, April 23, 2010

36 weeks

i had a dream that i was giving birth to puppies. when i woke up i was on puppy number 4.

lately i have had a crazy obsession with coleslaw, broccoli slaw, rainbow slaw. i just cant get enough slaw. and sweet potato fries. i could eat slaw and sweet potato fries everyday.

and waffle cones.

most everything is in order and we are ready to go. i know i have 2 more weeks until i am even "full term" and 4 weeks until the due date....but the car seat is installed, hospital bag packed, baby clothes washed and room all put together.

so now i will just sit around and eat and eat and eat and wait for labor. sounds easy enough, right? i think i might fit in a pedicure, some yoga, maybe a massage. Dan and I have birthdays coming up, on the 8th and 9th, so we will probably go out to dinner....if i can fit out the front door by then.

Monday, April 12, 2010

34 weeks

i feel huge and cranky and hungry.

that sounds about right, doesn't it?

i also feel excited, anxious......ready. not ready like he could come tomorrow.....but ready like he could come in a month and i am prepared. we have the room together, i have washed all the 0-3 month clothes. My cloth dipes are all prepped and ready to go. i have taken a class and feel confident about natural delivery. We have the infant car seat and will install the base this weekend.....

i am excited to meet him. see him for the first time. get to know all his little features. i can't wait to hold him against me and breath him in.

i feel him all day long. rolling, pushing, kicking. elbows and knees and butt. i can feel his head turn really low. but, i can't wait to touch his skin. feel his weight. look into his eyes. will they be Dan's? Will they be mine?

i feel like i am just going to break open and cry nonstop as soon as i see him. maybe i won't. i didn't with Riley. but.....she was an accident. i loved her completely and instantly. but it was so different. i feel like i have wanted this baby....this experience....this addition for so long. and the road to get here was heartbreaking.

i remember thinking it would never happen. i remember the feeling of loss so well. to see a positive test and want and fear and hope for months. numbing parts of myself for so long. then allowing myself to feel excited. to feel the joy. battling still to keep all the fears out of my head.

it doesn't all go away. it just all piles on top of each emotion. and is just overwhelming how much i WANT to hold him. touch him. love him with every cell i have.

anyway.....i really want a M&M McFlurry and a Quarter pounder with Cheese. and fries.

i only have a few short weeks before i will have to give up this free-for-all diet. i need to take as much advantage of this time as i can! bring on the calories! bring on the fat!

Friday, April 9, 2010

33 weeks....almost 34.....and falling behind with pictures

i have been slacking on my weekly photos.

i did snap this beautiful image that i think really shows where i am right now.....

so what we have here is need of a shower and a hairbrush....just woke up from an intense sporadic an incredibly messy room.

i am still in the process of getting the house back in order after we did musical rooms last weekend. and i am failing because i keep falling asleep randomly.

oh, and check out my RAD sewing machine. oh, yes. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

baby room!!!

We took the house off the market....and i made up for lost nesting time by doing everything this weekend....
On Friday i cleared out Riley's stuff from her room into our old room....and we are now in the old guest room. it is like musical rooms. So once Riley's stuff was pretty much moved...i started painting over the extreme pink....When Dan came home we did another coat....then on Saturday, after a delicious pre-Easter brunch, we painted the trim, did more touch up....AND put together the crib. YAY!!! i was so excited that before the last screw was in i was already putting on the crib sheet and skirt.
Today, we were lucky enough to have my parents come over and help take apart the other rooms in the musical room meant swapping beds, closets, miscellaneous furniture and crap.... was a productive weekend. and i FINALLY could satisfy my nesting urge. now i am just going to spend the next few weeks sitting in the room...refolding baby clothes over and over again......moving furniture.....staring at the crib... some pictures.....

here we have BEFORE:

and AFTER:

then i moved things around....still deciding how everything will fit...

baby shower

(my friend Sarah, my crazy sister in law, Jen, my giant basketball belly, Me)

i forgot to do my 32 week photo because i actually had stuff going instead of spending a lot of time thinking about, planning, setting up, adjusting lighting, picking outfit, finding correct angle, setting timer....and getting a cute weekly photo.....i was actually doing normal stuff like normal people who do....stuff.

that stuff included hanging out with my mother in law....learning to sew.....sewing a couple blankets, a crib bumper, and a with mother in law....and going to baby shower!!

my friend Sarah had the most lovely shower for me and i had such a great time. I loved celebrating with family and friends and everyone was so generous....we got so much great stuff! and the food was amazing and look at the lovely flowers!

and look at that CAKE!!

about to enjoy cake.....

(yes, dan attended the shower....he can hang with a bunch of ladies....doesn't he look happy?)

enjoying cake....

so the reason i have mostly food pics is because i like food.

and i am waiting for Sarah to send me the pics of us from her camera....