Friday, February 26, 2010

still a boy

it is confirmed. i have pics. pics of a penis. no questioning it.....we are having a boy.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cure of cute

don't you hate it when a perfectly good day is going along and everything is fine and you are enjoying a delicious muffin, when BAM, something unexpected happens and ruins your day?

don't you hate it when you get a call from the assistant principal from your child's school and are told your darling daughter had to be removed from class and HIT HER TEACHER?

and then you are on the phone and your jaw is hanging open and your muffin suddenly tastes horrible and no words can come out of your mouth and you just mumble "uh hum" a few times and you feel totally and completely mortified and embarrassed that your child is THAT CHILD?

and then you are shopping for new leggings because all of yours have faded or are too snug and the sales lady actually says "you look like you are having a bad day" and you realize you must have been scowling or pouting without knowing it....or it could be that you didn't brush your hair and you put mascara on in the car and you have a run in your pre-pregnancy tights (that SO do not fit anymore) from your dumb dog jumping on you??

i hate those days.

like today, for example.

days like this demand one thing and one thing only....

cute overload. that's right. CUTE OVERLOAD!!!

the lil puff ball on the left just KILLS me. oh HI lil white puff!! oh what? what lil curious cotton puff?

apparently white and puffy is a recipe for AWESOME.


this one makes me a good way. in a universal, we are all one, we all love our babies, isn't the world magical kind of way. oh i want to just squaaaaa-weeeeeze you!!!!

oy! itty bits baby fawn! tinesy pocket fawn! me love!

 i feel a little better.

Monday, February 22, 2010

27 weeks

as expected, last week was rough.

there were some tears, a few fights, a lot of eye rolling, deep breaths, sarcastic comments, passive aggressive behavior, key throwing, door slamming....

you get the idea.

the good news: the house is officially on the market. all the crap that needed to get done for this to happen.....has happened. the yard, the cleaning out closets, the organizing, the removal of unneeded piles of crap, the house cleaning, trim and door painting, poop scooping....all done. now all i have to do is keep the house at a super clean state so i can up and go at any time if an interested party wants to stop by.

that means doing dishes right away. and making beds as soon as you get up. crazy!!!! who does this?! i mean....besides grown-ups.

now all we need is a nice full price offer, a new house to buy, moving trucks....and ta-da! easy living!

um....yeah. we will see if any of this happens.

this week i go in for my glucose test. i am really excited for this....because any test where i have to drink high doses of sugar is a test for me! i am going to ace this one!

i also made an appointment to, um, confirm the babies gender. this means i am having an "elective ultrasound". this also means i am "neurotic" and " not trusting of the system".

i just need to be sure. i know this is nuts. but i need to see a penis and don't have any memory of seeing it at our 18 week "medical ultrasound". i know we were told "boy". i know i celebrated this. i know i have bought many, many boy outfits. but....i have no picture and no memory of a PENIS.

so.....Friday at 10AM i will confirm that there is a penis and i will get pictures of it.

the third trimester is upon us. countdown is ON. i get to go to my midwife every other week now. and i get to complain constantly. there will be a baby shower in a month. i am also just getting fatter and fatter and fatter and it is AWESOME.

27 weeks

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

note: don't try to sell home while pregnant

emotional breakdown# 1

i just wrote a hormonal email to my poor realtor...who will never want to work with a pregnant woman ever again. in this email i wrote that no, i will not remove my le creuset pot off the stove for staging because it is "an accent color that brings together the other turquoise items in the kitchen".

then i told him that i will NOT "thin out" the built in bookcases. WTF? i don't get this. are we supposed to look like we don't have enough books to fill our bookcases? doesn't he know that i subscribed to Domino Magazine (RIP) and that i have read endless how-to's on making a bookcase look awesome and decorative?

and while i am on the subject....don't tell me where to put my fucking accent pillow!!! it goes on the chair, NOT the COUCH.

and, not to toot my own horn, but i have descent taste in home decorating. i am a creative person. i have a good eye for composition. i have been known to take a good photo. and the realtor is telling me how to stage my house. and he is hiring a photographer to take photos of the house. now, i was totally down when i thought the "professional" photographer had a wide lens and a fancy light kit. but, no. NO. the "photographer" has the same camera as me and takes crappy photos (i saw a mailer for a different house).


*head in hands*


why am i doing this again?

also.....i had a dream last night that worms were under my skin. i could see them crawling and growing UNDER MY SKIN. i was begging a doctor to remove them and for some reason i had to wait until the next day....and they were CRAWLING UNDER MY SKIN and reproducing and growing and OH MY GOD it was awful.

no more cinnamon life cereal before bed.

more fun pregnancy stuff:

i cried while driving to trader joes today for no real reason...i was thinking about childbirth....

i have leg cramps in my calves in the morning now. i think i am on day 3 of leg cramps waking me up. sooooo pleasant.

heartburn. so far it is the worst when i have fruit snacks. this makes no sense.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

26 weeks

we are getting our house ready to sell and it may kill me.

oh hi, anxiety!!! i remember you!! i know, i has been awhile! um....i hate you!

if all goes according to plan, the house will be ready and listed by THIS FRIDAY. if you could see my house you would understand why this is impossible to happen without a couple panic attacks. and a few crying fits.

calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

enough about that. Happy Valentine's Day!

Today i got some flowers from my hubbypie (gag) and i had a delicious croissant and a mocha for breakfast. swoon.

my belly pics are going to start getting more and more grotesque as the weeks go on. i think i may be hitting that point. it is leaving the cute stage and moving into the "ewwwww, cover your shame" stage. i feel like the baby has grown significantly in the last week.....or maybe it is me growing from all the ice cream and cupcakes. either way....let me apologize now. my pics are about to get uggggly.

new cravings:

greek salad

other news:

i got a sewing machine! yay! i have NO idea how to use it, but.....yay!

Riley is now 7. Crazy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

reality is cold. vacations rule!

back to reality and totally sunburned. i was so good about using sunscreen until the last couple hours of the last day. and now i look like Dr. Zoidberg.

Hawaii was incredible. perfect weather. we did nothing....had picnic lunches, played cards, played in the waves.....i got a prenatal massage. it was truly perfect and a nice final hurrah before our life changes forever. we really love being with each other....and it is always hard to come home from vacation and not spend every waking minute with my husband. This morning after he left for work, he called me from the bus stop and said "i already miss your face".....and yes, that made me cry. i love him. lots and stuff.

The flight over i peed 2 times before we boarded, 7 times in the air, and once right when we landed. needless to say, the baby is CRUSHING MY BLADDER. and it feels less than good.

Here is my 25 week pic (and yes i am getting HUGE) :

who likes virgin pina coladas? ME!

best part about coming home so far was the package containing the quilt i bought for the nursery. it is so cute!! i love it! it is way cuter than i thought! and perfect colors for what i am going for! i love it when that happens. i can't wait to really start nesting and get more pieces to this vision i have. it may or may not actually look good.....but in my mind it is AMAZING!