Thursday, December 1, 2011


no longer on the bench.

and we just bought a car that seats 7. SEVEN. guess who plans to fill every available seat with a baby? ME. that's who.

that sound crazier than it is....4 of the seats are spoken for.....which really only leaves 3 seats. and the middle seat in the 3rd row doesn't really!


wonder how many months it will take to get knocked up....again.....back to where i started.....wasn't it just August?

PS sort of annoying that i will either be getting my period or testing on Christmas. it is my favorite holiday.....and i just don't want anything to spoil would be the ultimate gift to get a positive test that day....but i'm not holding my breath.....but just in case:

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a positive pregnancy test for christmas. Well, i guess i will be taking the test in my bathroom vanity i have been just fill my bladder with good urine. and put a baby in my uterus. but not your husband's. i know for this to happen we will need to get busy about 2 weeks before christmas....but i don't claim to understand how your magic works, Santa. i just want you to bring me this one gift, somehow. some way. positive pregnancy test. k? Bonus points if it actually sticks and turns out to be a baby.
there is one, and only one, way to correctly make a turkey sandwich after thanksgiving.

1. white bread, mayo.

2. cranberry sauce on one side, stuffing on the other.

3. turkey goes on top of stuffing.

4. cranberry side goes on top of turkey side and BOOM. best sandwich EVER.