Wednesday, March 28, 2012

gag, barf, gag.

i suck at blogging.

here is what i have been doing:

-sitting on the couch unable to move
-not showering
-battling with food, which i HATE but must have.
-wallowing around feeling ugly, disgusting, fat, sick, miserable.....and happy!

let me tell you how awesome it is to change poopy toddler diapers when you feel like barfing all day long. SO FUN.

so yes. first trimester, oh how i hate thee....but am thankful for thee nonetheless.

NT scan is on Wednesday. nervous of course. i will be 11 weeks, so hope all looks well and the way it is supposed to.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the news

ok. so ultrasound was today. and there is an adorable tiny baby blob in there! with a heartbeat!!


i have a pic....will add later. :)

Due Date: October 25
heart rate was 136bpm
baby blob looked just like Dan.
it's a boy! harharhar

i am in shock. totally excited. but in shock.

also...i feel like barfing all day long....but so far only have lost it twice. the key is to eat constantly. this is impossible when all you want to do is barf. but you must do it!

saving my life right now:

-cold cheese sandwiches. as in bread, mayo, cheddar, lettuce
-ginger ale, 7up, club soda with lime
-"Tea" made by grating fresh ginger, squezze of lemon and honey, add hot water. sip until urge to hurl passes.
-Coconut water...right now it is Zico dark chocolate and it is OMG so GOOD.