Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hippie stuff

i spent many hours today researching cloth diapers. yes, cloth. i am such a hippie!! cloth diapers have really come along way....they look so cozy....i kind of want some for me....wonder if they make my size.
cute husband comment of the day: i sent him this link and he said "i like the brown ones!" which totally made my day.

speaking of hippies, i made an appointment with a Midwife.....it was time to graduate from the doc i had been seeing who sadly does not deliver babies anymore. I had a visit with him last week...we discussed sushi, when to go off the progesterone....natural delivery.....and he gave me a prescription for something to help with the puking. just a note: he said sushi was ok to eat! at some point, i mean, when i have an appetite for food again...i may indulge!

at first....the meds worked. i had a couple of days with no puking!!! and then yesterday i didn't even take the meds and felt good! i was able to grocery shop, cook, and even eat!!! i know!!! of course this also concerned me...because as much as it is awful to puke all the time....it is reassuring that i am pregnant. i know, twisted....but true.....i like to feel like crap because comforts me.

any worries went away when i puked up my rice krispies this morning....so whoohooo!
i feel like crap! yay! and the meds are not working! yippy!

so the appointment with the Midwife is on Oct 26th. i will be 10 weeks. there will be no ultrasound at the visit, but they do use the doppler to hear the heartbeat. can't wait to hear it.

oh! almost forgot to share......i drove to Taco Bell....at 10am last week....in my pajamas.....for a bean burrito with no onions and a Pepsi. it was either that or i was going to die.

give me burrito, or give me death.

ps it had been a decade since i had had taco bell or soda. remember?! i am a HIPPIE!!!
now i feel so conflicted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

baboom baboom baboom

heartbeat!! we have heartbeat!!

148 bpm of pure amazingness.

it was such a beautiful sight. i am completely in shock. i might actually have a baby! i know!! crazy!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


food does not want to stay in my stomach. food barely wants to go in my stomach...and once it is there....it wants out. the toilet and i have become very close buds.

so far...week 5 i felt good. had fun cravings. ate donuts. week 6 i felt queasy and had food aversions...gagged a few times....vomited once. week 7.....um.....vomiting often. food is enemy. i am thinking by week 8 i will lose the pounds i put on in week 5. i am getting to that point where i leave the house with a plastic bag to have on me at all times.

tomorrow is the big day. the biggest hurdle yet. the dreaded ultrasound. *screams* DUN dun DUN!!!

i think i am going to try to be in a zen meditative state during the ultrasound. i will be in a dream world...floating around in a calm blue ocean of warmth. i am going to remove myself from it and ask questions in the car on the way home. for some reason, the idea of actually being mentally and emotionally present at this event scares the shit out of me. if i had a fast forward button for my life....i would skip over the ultrasound and just show us celebrating later by buying baby name books and giving high fives.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


ever been car sick? or sea sick? ever taken too many codeine?
i live in a constant state of "ohmygod i might vomit".
if i move my head too quickly i gag.

funny thing is....this is SO MUCH BETTER than last time!! so far i have only vomited once. and i gag, on average, 5-10 times a day. With the pregnancy in December I was gagging 20-50 times a day and vomiting at least once a day.

Also, i pulled something in my jaw, so the gagging is even more enjoyable. not sure how i did this. could be some extracurricular activities. uh-hem. cough cough. have i mentioned that i am not aloud to have sex?

i am pretty sure the other mom's at the bus stop know something is up. i have worn the same nasty pajamas and hat for the last week. i never wear makeup. i am always drinking tummy tea or sucking on lemon drops. a couple days ago i went to the bus stop with a big glass of spicy V8. do normal people drink this? or just old men and pregnant women.

Each day that we get closer to the big ultrasound, the more nervous i get. i keep playing it in my head. i hear him say "there is the heartbeat!" and then i remember what it sounded like when told "we don't see a heartbeat"......i don't know if i will be prepared for either outcome....i have put a lot of my emotions on hold until that moment.

new cravings:

chicken noodle soup

and that is it. nothing else sounds good at all. i have filled the pantry with chicken noodle soup. it is coming out of my pours....like really. i think my sweat smells like it. so gross. i am going to take a shower now. pregnancy is SOOOO sexy.