Wednesday, December 12, 2012

birth video

I still need to sit down and write out my Birth the meantime, here is the video:

it's short and sweet, just like the birth!!  ;)

i heart babywearing


 here are some babywearing pics of baby Lulu...and soon i will post her birth story!

Friday, June 8, 2012

i love how i always say stuff like "i'll post pics later" and then i never do.  here are a couple of the ultrasound pics i said i'd post and never did :)

7 week blob

18 week girl

Friday, June 1, 2012

weekend craft: backyard DIY tent :)

what i'm building this weekend:

instructions (for tent in first pic) found here.

but i am going to make ours a bit larger (to fit a 9 year old and 2 year old for summer backyard campouts!) and with a front and back...more like the last pic. and i am going to use old sheets as fabric...because i am cheap. (all pics from etsy)

 pics to come!! hope it isn't a total disaster!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ok so i'm already feeling better. sorry for the crazy, hormonal rage post. all it took was a few days...and some girly etsy inspiration:

Monday, May 28, 2012

mutha effer

So.... not a boy.

I am a bit surprised at how hard I have taken this....I feel like a hormonal ball of crazy. the news of a healthy baby girl should be celebrated! joyous!! best news ever! but I was....devastated. crushed. totally a broken heap of a woman. this has brought up a couple things I would like to discuss about these 2 words:

Gender Disappointment.

so..some see this as a made up thing. some refuse to acknowledge gender disappointment as a real issue. people like to make you feel guilty for not appreciating the baby you have and instead grieving over something like gender....when, as we all know, there is always a 50/50 shot and we all know this going in to it.
people like to bring up how ungrateful one is when they have the nerve to complain about gender disappointment when there are many, many women who struggle with infertility and pregnancy or infant loss and it is seen as very ungrateful to complain about a specific gender of baby when many parents would simply LOVE to have a child and would never complain about anything.  ever.

so yeah..i can say 'fuck you' to those people because... I know what pregnancy loss feels like. I know what it feels like to try to get pregnant for months and months only to miscarry and then trying again for more months and months.
I know what it feels like to grieve during that....and I now know what it feels like to grieve after learning I will never have another son. Milo will never have a brother. oh how I wanted him to have that. I wanted him to have that bond with a sibling....I always wanted that and never had it.

I can tell you grieving is grieving and the disappointment is very real and very hard.

I also know that rationally I should NOT feel this way. I know that this baby will be totally loved and she is meant to be a part of this family. that i am so fortunate and lucky.  I know that we will someday look back and not be able to imagine our world without her. that is what having a baby does. they are so a part of you...of your life...your flesh your breath...instantly they become your world....and to remember a world before them seems impossible and when you do manage to think back, those times feel empty in comparison.
I know some brothers hate each other and some boys have sisters who they are very close with. I know that just because I want my kids to have good relationships with each other doesn't mean they will.

 I know rationally that all children are different, all girls are not the same just as all boys are not the same. that the fear I have of another girl like Riley...dramatic and emotional and constantly challenging...with all the battles I fight against society and body image and pop culture influence and screening everything from TV shows to toys to clothes to music because she sucks it all up and wants to be this thing...this sexy, popular, famous, princess, justin beiber's girlfriend, materialistic, shallow, dumb, slut...(not that she is....but that is the battle i am fighting) well....I know not all girls are like this and this battle is not one I am guaranteed to be fighting forever....right? right. and even if I do fight that battle, I know rationally that it is ok. and that having a daughter is as important and wonderful as having a son.

but FUCK. I am not thinking rationally right now. I am hormonal!! I am an emotional tornado! I LOVE being a mother to a boy. it is so easy!!!! it feels so completely different. it feels....natural. like I don't have to worry as much. I can just....enjoy it. enjoy him. mother him in a way that doesn't involve screening and battling society.  I feel like I am a better mother to him....that I suck as a mother to my daughter.  that I have a shitty relationship with my mother and I don't like girls.  I don't.  they are brats and snotty and manipulative and emotionally crazy and every girl is a slut.  including me.  I suck.  this is why I don't have many friends.   because i can't fucking stand most women.

and yes, I know Milo is TWO and in a totally different stage. and I know I sound completely fucking nuts right now.

*side note: I used to say "fucking nuts" all the time when riley was little....until one day she said "funky nuggets" and I realized 3 things 1. she was trying to say fucking nuts like mommy says all the time and 2. I am SO glad she interpreted this wrong and invented a totally cute and awesome new saying and 3. I need to watch my fucking mouth. yes. learning we would be having a girl sent me into a sadness...I sobbed for 3 days. I have all these fears. and I have all this guilt. this girl deserves to have a mom that is excited to have her and I am not there....yet. but I will be. I know I can get there.  hopefully she will make me a better person...or at least this experience will....because i just read this vomiting of a 'blog' and i sound like a totally crazy asshat.  see?  women are CRAZY.

I am going to go slam my head on my desk now.  then I am going to eat ice cream until I can't move.  then I will mope around and cry about how gross and fat I am.  because this is how my gender deals with being an emotional, self loathing, basket case.   well that and having drunken sex and flirting with men at bars to fill their suffering egos because they find value in things like sexual attention.  (read: being SLUTS)

but I can't do that anymore because I am too busy being pregnant, ungrateful and married.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

moving right along

whoa. i suck at blogging. the last couple months have been...CRAP. this pregnancy has been brutal. sick and barfing? check. extreme exhaustion? check. sciatic nerve pain? yup. i pretty much couldn't move for a couple in i couldn't bend over to brush my teeth over the sink. i had to sit to get dressed. i couldn't lift anything or bend over at all. it sucked. things are better now. we spent a week in Hawaii a couple weeks ago. that has a way of improving everything. in fact, i am pretty sure it cured my back issues....AND i didn't vomit once on the trip. sadly, it started back up when we got home..but we may be on our way out with all that. hear that? optimism. the next big ultrasound is on Thursday. i will be 18 weeks and will hopefully find out if baby #3 (and the final child i will ever birth *tear*) will be a boy or girl. hoping for another boy! but i will be happy with whatever and will only contemplate sending a baby girl down a river in a basket for a week or so before i move on and start buying striped dresses, yellow skirts, and polka dot mary janes. how about some pregnancy pics?
it won't let me write text under the pics and the spacing is all wonky. so...the top is 15 weeks, then 16, then 17 weeks. i will take the 18 week pic tomorrow! yippy! and some vacation pics!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NT scan-11 weeks 2 days

baby is kicking and moving! the scan went well and everything looked normal...still waiting on official test results...

but it was amazing to the little babe! who now has a face and hands and feet....

this was a major milestone...for many reasons....the biggest being that statistically you have a less than 2% chance of miscarriage after heartbeat is seen at 12 weeks. i hope i can now settle into the reality of all this...that all this puking and feeling like crap really does mean something....that i don't just have the worst flu ever...hopefully i can let my guard down a little and start to feel excited for a new baby....a new member of our family! when it moves from just this potential maybe idea of a an actual baby that will be born into our lives.

i measured a couple days ahead of schedule...moved my due date to Oct 22....heartbeat was a nice strong 169 bpm. (i just checked back on this here blog and Milo's HR was 170 at 11 weeks...hope we have another boy in there!)

i have a little profile pic from the ultrasound....i will post it in a min :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

gag, barf, gag.

i suck at blogging.

here is what i have been doing:

-sitting on the couch unable to move
-not showering
-battling with food, which i HATE but must have.
-wallowing around feeling ugly, disgusting, fat, sick, miserable.....and happy!

let me tell you how awesome it is to change poopy toddler diapers when you feel like barfing all day long. SO FUN.

so yes. first trimester, oh how i hate thee....but am thankful for thee nonetheless.

NT scan is on Wednesday. nervous of course. i will be 11 weeks, so hope all looks well and the way it is supposed to.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the news

ok. so ultrasound was today. and there is an adorable tiny baby blob in there! with a heartbeat!!


i have a pic....will add later. :)

Due Date: October 25
heart rate was 136bpm
baby blob looked just like Dan.
it's a boy! harharhar

i am in shock. totally excited. but in shock.

also...i feel like barfing all day long....but so far only have lost it twice. the key is to eat constantly. this is impossible when all you want to do is barf. but you must do it!

saving my life right now:

-cold cheese sandwiches. as in bread, mayo, cheddar, lettuce
-ginger ale, 7up, club soda with lime
-"Tea" made by grating fresh ginger, squezze of lemon and honey, add hot water. sip until urge to hurl passes.
-Coconut water...right now it is Zico dark chocolate and it is OMG so GOOD.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

in other news

we got chicks! yes, we will have a backyard, urban flock of chickens. they are 2 weeks old now and growing like crazy. they are approaching the awkward teen chicken stage....with wonky feathers and gangly feet....when we got them they were tiny balls of fuzz. They live in the basement right now in a brooder and will move to a sweet outdoor coop in about a month. then...hopefully by mid-end of summer we will have eggs! can't wait!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the haps of late

oh hi.

so on Feb 13th, at 11 dpo, i got this:

and then i got this, you know, just for fun:

so i had about 2 days of hopeful and calm pregnancy thoughts.....but you know it can't be easy for me, right? then, 2 days after my beautiful pregnancy test......

i had bleeding. cramps. red blood. a clot. (sorry...but if that grosses you are on the wrong blog)

so.....of course...I'm sad. devastated. we talk about how we should take a break from trying for awhile because this is just too much. too emotional.

but i only had that bleeding one time. in fact i woke up the next morning prepared for the worst but i had a dry pad and no cramps.

so WTF, right? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

so i wait for it to start. and wait. and a week goes by. and then i decide to go get my beta numbers done....

20 dpo: 5600
22 dpo: 10,000 i wait to see if there is in fact a baby growing in u/s is next Wednesday.

i am not very hopeful. i am not very confident. i am trying to not get ahead of myself......and i hate this fucking limbo. because i can't be excited and i can't down a bottle of tequila. i just have to wait. and wait. and hope to not see more blood every single fucking time i go pee.

so yes, i am technically pregnant. but i had a missed miscarriage in Dec 08 that haunts me. well, i guess they all do.

onto the fun stuff:
no puking yet...but I've had a couple of those "omg this is the grossest thing i have ever eaten" moments while eating a meal that pass and you continue this AM while eating scrambled eggs.
cravings: tuna melt, veggie bagels, rocky road.
aversions: nothing really yet...but Dan ate some bbq potato chips last night and the smell made me want to kill him.
other stuff: i am starving. and exhausted. on sunday i took two, 3 hour naps. this morning for breakfast i had 2 eggo waffles, 2 scrambled eggs, and an english muffin. and i was still hungry. and who eats eggo waffles? 5 year olds and pregnant women.
oh and my nips hurt and i am still breastfeeding milo....let me tell you how awesome that feels.

so....another year, another month, another rollercoaster. everyone cross your fingers next wednesday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

hi! i am a whiny brat.

so...still here...still not pregnant.

some days i am like....oh IT WILL happen and i am so confident and think about outfits in seasons and sibling pictures.

other days....i feel may never happen and i have to come to terms with that.

i know that may sound overly dramatic and i don't have a 'real' problem in the world of infertility....but it feels like that. i am not young. i am a "habitual aborter". and i try to be optimistic and patient and all those things you need to be just starts to wear you down after a few months of trying and miscarrying and whatever.

so we are on to month #7 of ttc with one loss. it took 13 months with 2 miscarriages to get Milo. Lets see just how much it will take for the next one.

we are all set with the new car and saved baby clothes in tupperware. i have been taking all my vitamins for months and i am stocked with pregnancy tests and progesterone and all this bullshit that doesn't even matter....because crackheads can get pregnant. so does it matter if i take enough folic acid? sure. but will it guarantee me a baby? nope.

see...i haven't been blogging because i sound like this.

and i want to be happy for everyone that doesn't have to go through any of this and is pregnant...and i am. i am happy for everyone i know or don't know but am facebook friends with and watch from afar....i am happy because having a baby is so magical and amazing and it is so amazing when it happens for anyone....but i am so fucking jealous that it isn't happening for me yet and i know that makes me a whiny brat who is selfish and dumb and a bitch.

so fine.

did i mention i am PMSing?


oh and i am almost out of tampons but i will NOT buy more because i won't need them....because this is the LAST STUPID FUCKING PERIOD i will have for at least 10 months. SO THERE.

a bit belated...but...