Sunday, January 30, 2011


In a attempt to get organized I bought a filing box thingie. While chatting with Dan about the new me with a "system" I grabbed a pen and started filling out the labels for my new files. I looked down at my first label and was about to slide it into the little plastic tab....only to realize I wrote "stuff".

Good thing I will have a file for stuff. The piles of stuff around the house will be much easier to dig through now that it is all jammed into a file.

Moments like this make me think I was dropped as a baby. I am waiting for the truth, mom.



I've never liked rules. I don't like mainstream anything. I am very skeptical of anyone claiming to have answers...even doctors and teachers....especially them. I don't trust easily. I think there is always another agenda. I see recipes as suggestions.

In parenting, there is always someone with an answer. Some of them are based in fact....but anyone can find facts that fit their argument these days.

I say this....because we selectivly vaccinate using a delayed schedule. I will not let my boy "cry it out". Ever. We didn't circumcise and I see it as such a barbaric, horrible, outdated cut off any part of my baby for cosmetic reasons....especially the most sensitive part of his genitals simply because that is what Americans gives me nightmares.

But like me, everyone has an opinion. And that is fine. Parenting is empowering because we get to decide what is right for our families. I get to make these choices. I don't use a stroller. I will breastfeed on demand for as long as I can. I use cloth diapers because that is what works for us and it makes me feel less guilty than filling a landfill with shit.

We all do what we think it right and what works best for our families. I am no better and no worse than other parents. I have opinions. We all do.

Not sure why I am typing this....other than every once in awhile I come across a preachy blog about how I am a bad parent if I don't vaccinate. And sometimes people I know suggest to let Milo just cry in his crib. And I just realized that their are moms out there that read 20 books a day to their 8 month old and I barely talk to Milo, let alone read to him. I kid. But really. Joking. But seriously.

For the record, I never read to Riley as an infant and she is an advanced reader. Just saying. I also never taught her sign language and she has no problem communicating....just last Friday she yelled "I hate you" loud and clear.

Badum ching!


I just realized I may come off as preachy. Am I preachy in my dislike of preachiness? I don't try to be.

My point: No matter what you do and how you parent, it will always be your fault when your grown child writes "stuff" on a filing label.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Saturday, January 8, 2011

holla back!

it has been a long time, blog.

the last couple months have been a blur....the holidays are normally like that, i guess. we sold our old house and it closed dec 17....before it closed we were scrambling to fix things found in the inspection, clean out a disgusting storage shed full of mold and mildew and spiders and my old high school notebooks of poetry, my homecoming velvet dress, tupperware full of old sheets and get the point.

then we had Christmas. in the new house. it was a dream. i love our home. i love our little family of four. i love the stockings hung above the fireplace.

this was also are first year WITHOUT SANTA. i know, we are heartless heathens. but i had started it with riley...dan and i got married and i learned of his objections (he was not raised with santa) and so we decided to not have that be a part of our celebration as soon as Riley discovered the truth. As atheists, we already celebrate for a different reason than some (i was never raised with Christ being any part of Christmas)...but to remove Santa completely from Christmas...well it took some time for me to adjust to the idea. When i finally understood that we could still celebrate, we could still have traditions, we could still have all the magic....WITHOUT having to lie about a fake man with a beard flying around delivering gifts...well, it was a relief. and Christmas was magical. it was fantastic and i loved it.
(i feel about this the same way i feel about being atheist, we have incredible love, morals, tradition and complete joy in our family without believing in god)


Milo loves peaches. He hates bananas. he loves Coco (the awful, bad, horrible dog) and his big sister. he smiles every time Riley walks in a room. he crawls everywhere and we are working on sleep training. he is still nursing a lot....but also eating baby oatmeal, carrot puree, peach puree, and green beans....and paper. he eats, or tries to eat, A LOT of paper. i fish huge chunks of paper out of the roof of his mouth multiple times a day.

now lets talk about me.

i cut off all my hair. i went on a free for all sugar and alcohol binge for the last 2 months, i have some sort of tendonitis in my right wrist from holding a baby...or maybe holding the ipad....not sure which. i still have not had my period and it bugs me....still have 10 lbs to lose (er, make that 15) and i AM OBSESSED WITH BABYWEARING. please see post below for pics. i think about babywearing all day long. i look at online photos of wraps. WRAPS. long pieces of woven fabric. seriously. i need to get out more.

side note: should i change the name of this blog? i is pretty neglected isn't a daydream anymore. it is a very real reality! remember when it was a daydream? i do. that was not very fun. but at least i blogged back then. it is like when you have an awful boyfriend you can write constantly about how awful they are...and when you have an amazing boyfriend you have nothing to say because you are too busy being happy. or it may not be like that at all....but i just thought of it because i have these mildewy notebooks full of bad bad bad poetry (i use that word loosely) about LOSERS. but not anything about my husband....well not really....i am sure i have some on my other old neglected blog...

point is that i am not trying to have a baby anymore so i don't have as much to write about. and the blogs that write about what their kid eats are boring. and i just wrote about what Milo is eating. fuck. i am going to solve this. i will find something interesting to blog about.....i swear. any input would be appreciated.



nakey boy!!!

Milo is almost 8 months. he is crawling everywhere and is FAST. like as soon as he touches the floor there is a skidding sound and a blur of baby. he also pulls himself to stand on everything, and will only use one hand to hold himself up....crazy, right?
wasn't he just born?


i am sort of obsessed. sort of like i was about cloth diapers when i was pregnant.

i could go on and on about why and the benefits for both baby and mom.....but i really just hate strollers with a passion....and wraps are so pretty...

christmas 2010

7 months