Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NT scan-11 weeks 2 days

baby is kicking and moving! the scan went well and everything looked normal...still waiting on official test results...

but it was amazing to the little babe! who now has a face and hands and feet....

this was a major milestone...for many reasons....the biggest being that statistically you have a less than 2% chance of miscarriage after heartbeat is seen at 12 weeks. i hope i can now settle into the reality of all this...that all this puking and feeling like crap really does mean something....that i don't just have the worst flu ever...hopefully i can let my guard down a little and start to feel excited for a new baby....a new member of our family! when it moves from just this potential maybe idea of a an actual baby that will be born into our lives.

i measured a couple days ahead of schedule...moved my due date to Oct 22....heartbeat was a nice strong 169 bpm. (i just checked back on this here blog and Milo's HR was 170 at 11 weeks...hope we have another boy in there!)

i have a little profile pic from the ultrasound....i will post it in a min :)