Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6 weeks

Father's Day...Milo is clearly intimidated by the prison tats.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

frog belly!

look at me, Nana!

(cloth shout out: bumgenius one size)

more dipes


a grobaby and a rumparooz

5 weeks

when will i stop doing weekly photos, you ask? never! muah ha ha ha ha!

one month

Friday, June 4, 2010


on top is his night dipe, a blueberry mini...also the fluffiest because it is a pocket dipe with a double insert. but it fits great and holds a lot of pee.

then we have our xs thirstie aio. love these! they didn't fit until after 8 lbs though. now they fit great with room to grow.

last, one of my many xs bumgenious aio's. these have fit great since week one. they are running out of velcro over his tummy, but still fit and have never leaked or had any blowouts.
(in fact, the only blowout we have had was with a disposable).

i tried a size small bumgenious on him a couple days ago and it is still a lil big. cant wait to try more of my stash!

ps i have no pics of the lil joey by rumparooz. it sucks. looks cute but holds nothing. don't waste your money on them.

3 weeks

2 weeks

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh hi!

I have been having some technical difficulties I won't bore anyone with....but a domino effect happened with the introduction of the iPad....resulting in two sick laptops in need of new operating systems.....

I still need to sync said iPad to my laptop (with upgraded system) in order to get my photos on here. And yes, it is a huge pain in the ass.

But the iPad is so new and hip and shiny!!!! And I look so cool tappa tappa tappa-ing on it! (remember that episode of Simpsons when Lisa was taking tap lessons and the only instructions the teacher would say were "tappa tappa tappa"? Because I do. And apparently I am one of those annoying people that quote Simpsons).

I will get to the baby, but first I have more important news. I ordered groceries from Amazon Fresh!!! They will be dropped off on my doorstep tomorrow morning!!! I don't even have to answer the door and, god forbid, interact with anyone! I don't have to cover my huge dripping breasts, I don't have to brush my teeth, I don't even have to brush the dreads out of my hair! I mean, this is amazing. Not only do I get out of driving to the store, but I don't even have to make eye contact with anyone!! AND I GET FREE CUPCAKES. Whoooboy.

*update* it was delivered this AM before I was out of bed! Just like Santa! And they even gave me flowers! I'm in love.

Milo is more adorable every minute. I swear he smiled at me today. And not one of his gassy smiles. Or one of those weird sleeping smiles with eyes rolling back. It was a real smile. He spit up a ton of milk. Looked right into my eyes and smiled. He is a genius. Obvs. And a brat for thinking that was a good time to flash me his first gummy smile.

We are loving cloth diapers and will post some baby in dipe pics as soon as I figure out the whole syncing business.

I also have his 2 week photos to post. Man, I am behind.

Fun stuff after having a baby:

- hemrroidal pads and HUGE maxi pads are on display in my bathroom and I don't care.
- sometimes, if I think about peeing or simply turn on a faucet, I pee my pants.
- ummm.... Night sweats. Awesome. Sometimes even my hair is wet.
- I take 3 stool softeners a day and still don't poop. I am going to up my dose to 6 a day and see what happens. If you need me, I will be in the bathroom screaming for the next week.