Monday, October 5, 2009


food does not want to stay in my stomach. food barely wants to go in my stomach...and once it is wants out. the toilet and i have become very close buds.

so far...week 5 i felt good. had fun cravings. ate donuts. week 6 i felt queasy and had food aversions...gagged a few times....vomited once. week often. food is enemy. i am thinking by week 8 i will lose the pounds i put on in week 5. i am getting to that point where i leave the house with a plastic bag to have on me at all times.

tomorrow is the big day. the biggest hurdle yet. the dreaded ultrasound. *screams* DUN dun DUN!!!

i think i am going to try to be in a zen meditative state during the ultrasound. i will be in a dream world...floating around in a calm blue ocean of warmth. i am going to remove myself from it and ask questions in the car on the way home. for some reason, the idea of actually being mentally and emotionally present at this event scares the shit out of me. if i had a fast forward button for my life....i would skip over the ultrasound and just show us celebrating later by buying baby name books and giving high fives.

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