Tuesday, November 10, 2009



oh god i think i have a problem.

i am 12 weeks pregnant and already have purchased 4 AIO (that's "all in one" cloth diapers)
so.....that means i have roughly spent.....um.....around $50-60.....on FOUR diapers.


i know there will be savings here....i mean.....that is the point. well, that and i HATE the idea of filling landfills with dirty diapers just because of convenience. hate it. and i know i will get a good stash of cloth and after a few months the savings will make me feel all high and mighty again.....but for now.....i just feel like a crazy person spending money on something completely unnecessary....when there are plenty of other things i should be spending money on.....and don't even get me started on Christmas and how the last thing i need to be doing is buying crap for a baby who will not even be here until Spring and i should be spending money on the child who has a Christmas list 3 pages long.....and the husband who deserves new underwear and socks.

ok. so here is what i have so far (and yes you can click on them to see a link of what i am talking about)

1 extra small Bumgenius AIO 3.0 in "clementine"
1 small Bumgenius AIO 3.0 in "moonbeam"
1 Blueberry mini delux in "mint blue"
1 extra small Thirsties pocket AIO in "ocean"

notice my color selections.....all in the blue variety except for the one clementine bumgenious.....here's to hoping it is a boy!

i think that is all i am going to do for the AIO's for the newborn stage for now.....maybe.....

next up? a stash of fitteds like these and a couple covers like these! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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