Sunday, December 6, 2009

16 weeks

it may be a may be just pure luck....or the stars aligned....but today is the second day in a row that i have not vomited immediately after waking up. i have felt almost human!!! i say almost because the trade off seems to be a splitting brain melting eye bulging headache. but i will take it!!

right now i am giving credit to the new flavor of emergen-C vitamin packets i just got (delicious raspberry) which i have first thing in the AM. i have even been gagging less during the day!

i really hope i am not jinxing it right now by blogging. but i don't believe in silly things like jinxing, right? right. i don't think the world could be so finicky and give a rats ass if i vomit or not and if i mention anything about it or not.

i am 16 weeks tomorrow. i had a visit with my midwife last week and heard the heartbeat again which is always nice. we decided to order a doppler for home. so excited to get it and try it out!

also....i have been feeling kicks almost daily. last night after some pink lemonade and jalapeno poppers i felt the lil guy (or gal) spaz out for a few minutes. such a fucking glorious feeling.

speaking of boy/girl.....we go in Dec 22 for the big ultrasound. eeeep! that is 2 weeks from tuesday, people!! holy crap! can you believe it? because i can barely wrap my head around all of this.....still. yes still. and yes.....i am happy. i am very, very happy.

i think that is it for updates. hair, fingernails, toenails, armpit hair, leg all growing at about an inch a week. pregnancy has turned me into a cave women.

sooooooo hot. at least the vomiting has kept my weight gain down somewhat. 10 lbs good or bad at this point? not that i give a shit. i fully accept the possibility that i will be a giant hairy waddling version of myself....with claws and guiness book world record curly toenails.

here's to self esteem!! cheers!


  1. haha:). YAY! It is so nice to hear and update that things are going well :). I am so scared of morning sickness - if you are done, then how long did it last?

  2. I had it from 6 weeks until 16 weeks. But most women don't get it that bad.