Thursday, December 1, 2011


no longer on the bench.

and we just bought a car that seats 7. SEVEN. guess who plans to fill every available seat with a baby? ME. that's who.

that sound crazier than it is....4 of the seats are spoken for.....which really only leaves 3 seats. and the middle seat in the 3rd row doesn't really!


wonder how many months it will take to get knocked up....again.....back to where i started.....wasn't it just August?

PS sort of annoying that i will either be getting my period or testing on Christmas. it is my favorite holiday.....and i just don't want anything to spoil would be the ultimate gift to get a positive test that day....but i'm not holding my breath.....but just in case:

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a positive pregnancy test for christmas. Well, i guess i will be taking the test in my bathroom vanity i have been just fill my bladder with good urine. and put a baby in my uterus. but not your husband's. i know for this to happen we will need to get busy about 2 weeks before christmas....but i don't claim to understand how your magic works, Santa. i just want you to bring me this one gift, somehow. some way. positive pregnancy test. k? Bonus points if it actually sticks and turns out to be a baby.


  1. I told Santa I want a baby for you for Christmas too... :)

  2. no updates :( I'm guessing that means no BFP or you're keeping hush about it. Hope you and the kids had a good Christmas.