Wednesday, March 28, 2012

gag, barf, gag.

i suck at blogging.

here is what i have been doing:

-sitting on the couch unable to move
-not showering
-battling with food, which i HATE but must have.
-wallowing around feeling ugly, disgusting, fat, sick, miserable.....and happy!

let me tell you how awesome it is to change poopy toddler diapers when you feel like barfing all day long. SO FUN.

so yes. first trimester, oh how i hate thee....but am thankful for thee nonetheless.

NT scan is on Wednesday. nervous of course. i will be 11 weeks, so hope all looks well and the way it is supposed to.


  1. So sorry you are feeling yucky!!! I remember those awful weeks of morning sickness...ugh. Good luck with the NT scan! I'm sure you are excited to see your little one on screen!

  2. I hope to join the eating, barfing, sitting, changing diapers bandwagon. And as miserable as I will surely be, I will be thankful, and I will complain, because it sure does suck that we have to go through that to have our babies!