Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh hi!

I have been having some technical difficulties I won't bore anyone with....but a domino effect happened with the introduction of the iPad....resulting in two sick laptops in need of new operating systems.....

I still need to sync said iPad to my laptop (with upgraded system) in order to get my photos on here. And yes, it is a huge pain in the ass.

But the iPad is so new and hip and shiny!!!! And I look so cool tappa tappa tappa-ing on it! (remember that episode of Simpsons when Lisa was taking tap lessons and the only instructions the teacher would say were "tappa tappa tappa"? Because I do. And apparently I am one of those annoying people that quote Simpsons).

I will get to the baby, but first I have more important news. I ordered groceries from Amazon Fresh!!! They will be dropped off on my doorstep tomorrow morning!!! I don't even have to answer the door and, god forbid, interact with anyone! I don't have to cover my huge dripping breasts, I don't have to brush my teeth, I don't even have to brush the dreads out of my hair! I mean, this is amazing. Not only do I get out of driving to the store, but I don't even have to make eye contact with anyone!! AND I GET FREE CUPCAKES. Whoooboy.

*update* it was delivered this AM before I was out of bed! Just like Santa! And they even gave me flowers! I'm in love.

Milo is more adorable every minute. I swear he smiled at me today. And not one of his gassy smiles. Or one of those weird sleeping smiles with eyes rolling back. It was a real smile. He spit up a ton of milk. Looked right into my eyes and smiled. He is a genius. Obvs. And a brat for thinking that was a good time to flash me his first gummy smile.

We are loving cloth diapers and will post some baby in dipe pics as soon as I figure out the whole syncing business.

I also have his 2 week photos to post. Man, I am behind.

Fun stuff after having a baby:

- hemrroidal pads and HUGE maxi pads are on display in my bathroom and I don't care.
- sometimes, if I think about peeing or simply turn on a faucet, I pee my pants.
- ummm.... Night sweats. Awesome. Sometimes even my hair is wet.
- I take 3 stool softeners a day and still don't poop. I am going to up my dose to 6 a day and see what happens. If you need me, I will be in the bathroom screaming for the next week.

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