Friday, June 4, 2010


on top is his night dipe, a blueberry mini...also the fluffiest because it is a pocket dipe with a double insert. but it fits great and holds a lot of pee.

then we have our xs thirstie aio. love these! they didn't fit until after 8 lbs though. now they fit great with room to grow.

last, one of my many xs bumgenious aio's. these have fit great since week one. they are running out of velcro over his tummy, but still fit and have never leaked or had any blowouts.
(in fact, the only blowout we have had was with a disposable).

i tried a size small bumgenious on him a couple days ago and it is still a lil big. cant wait to try more of my stash!

ps i have no pics of the lil joey by rumparooz. it sucks. looks cute but holds nothing. don't waste your money on them.


  1. talk to me about your re-useable diaper situation. very very interested to learn more. i was just going to go the seventh generation route, but i'm intrigued. where do you dispose of the shit...literally. and do you have to have a specific laundry machine to wash them?
    email me sister...give me the dish. (when you have time, of course)

  2. I emailed some thinly veiled threats to the nice people at Kanga Care. I'll let you know if anything comes of it.