Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i suck.

poor blog.


milo is 5 months! he has 2 teeth that just poked lots of high pitched pterodactyl sounds fill the house. he also stopped sleeping through the night for about a week...which was awesome. what else....he is amazing and a joy and very noisy.

enough about him....let's talk about me. i had a root canal. then my brother in law came to stay with us for a month. i also have a broken bottomless stomach. i am never full and always want to binge on crap. this may sound cute or fun...but it is gross and a bit horrifying....even for me. i think my husband has actually started hiding food from me...because i am like a vulture and will pick the pantry clean. i can eat an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels in 5 minutes. ready.....go!

(milo has just reached a new level of scream. it is now so high pitched it is silent and all the dogs in the neighborhood are freaking the fuck out and my ears are bleeding)

last thing before i go....

the bumbo know where it says something like...don't put on elevated surfaces.....yeah...follow that advice. even if you are right there. even if it is in the center of the island in the kitchen while you are making a delicious fall soup. even if you are talking to the baby about safe things and soft surfaces.....your baby could suddenly...with no warning and no previous escape attempts....arch his back, fling himself out, flip in the air and land on the FLOOR. then there will be silence. then a horrible scream and you will cry and examine every inch of your baby looking for broken things or blood or brain injuries. it will be all your fault.

just don't do it. keep it on the nice soft floor....surrounded by blankets, foam and bubble wrap.

k bye!


  1. I love all of the pictures! Your family is beautiful. I can't believe how big he is getting! And by the way, where did you get that stuffed owl? Very cute.

  2. Thanks!! I found the owl at a local maternity shop... Here is their site, but I didn't see the owls (they had other colors and sizes). I am sure you could call...

  3. Scary. Marlo made several escape attempts and we upgraded to the Bebe Pod with the seatbelt and chair strap. Now she just plants her feet and tries to hurtle the entire apparatus off the table. Maybe I will learn to actually strap her to a chair from your cautionary tale.