Tuesday, May 22, 2012

moving right along

whoa. i suck at blogging. the last couple months have been...CRAP. this pregnancy has been brutal. sick and barfing? check. extreme exhaustion? check. sciatic nerve pain? yup. i pretty much couldn't move for a couple weeks....as in i couldn't bend over to brush my teeth over the sink. i had to sit to get dressed. i couldn't lift anything or bend over at all. it sucked. things are better now. we spent a week in Hawaii a couple weeks ago. that has a way of improving everything. in fact, i am pretty sure it cured my back issues....AND i didn't vomit once on the trip. sadly, it started back up when we got home..but we may be on our way out with all that. hear that? optimism. the next big ultrasound is on Thursday. i will be 18 weeks and will hopefully find out if baby #3 (and the final child i will ever birth *tear*) will be a boy or girl. hoping for another boy! but i will be happy with whatever and will only contemplate sending a baby girl down a river in a basket for a week or so before i move on and start buying striped dresses, yellow skirts, and polka dot mary janes. how about some pregnancy pics?
it won't let me write text under the pics and the spacing is all wonky. so...the top is 15 weeks, then 16, then 17 weeks. i will take the 18 week pic tomorrow! yippy! and some vacation pics!


  1. You are the most gorgeous pregnant woman! LOVE these photos, especially the one of little bare-butt Milo. SO sweet! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

  2. Beautiful!! You are looking great! I love the vacation photos, too!