Wednesday, March 3, 2010

please note:

i am so tired of defending why i am going to have a natural childbirth and why i think it is important to cloth diaper.

seriously, if you are not going to be encouraging, please keep your opinions, jokes, eye rolls, sarcastic comments to yourself.

i don't tease you about your life choices, do not tease me about mine.

I need support, not ridicule. i am not stupid. i am not uninformed. i am not unrealistic.

yes, i know it is going to fucking hurt. yes. i get that. thanks. and yes, i know i am going to have to wash poopy diapers.

i have done more research than you. i have done more soul searching than you could possibly imagine. i did not make these decisions lightly. they are important to me for very specific, well thought out reasons.

this is not a silly little conversation to me. this is me not allowing negative, unsupportive, doubting influences around me as i embark on a huge emotional, physical and mental challenge.

if you were about to run a marathon, i would not tell you that you can't do it. that you are stupid for even thinking you could finish the race. i would not ask you why would you even think you could run a marathon. i would assume you had trained. that you understood the distance. that you needed to feel confident and supported.

why the fuck do women not get this?

if you are not going to support those attempting NATURAL CHILD BIRTH, one the biggest events in a woman's life, then please, shut the fuck up.

thank you and i love you.


  1. My sister-in-law just did a natural child birth and she did AWESOME! It IS possible and you can do anything you put your mind to! I think you are courageous and this is something to be looked up to.

  2. Sarah, This is not directed at you.... I just have been getting a lot of shit lately from a variety of people and needed to vent. I love you friend!!

  3. Hi... I wondered over from Tori's blog...
    I did a marathon... and everybody asked WHY... and told me "it's too hard... your crazy"... and you know what? I did it... and I loved every minute of it.

    It's YOUR LIFE... GO FOR IT... I think cloth diapers are AWESOME... and if you want a natural childbirth GO FOR IT...YOU CAN DO IT... doubters are annoying...just because THEY would never do it doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't nor should you have to listen to their negativity. More power to you!

  4. TESTIFY! :) I'm with you 100%, sister.

  5. argh to the ignorant!!!
    i am completely with you - as in the attempt at natural and cloth diapers - when the opportunity arises! - besides, those cloth diapers are just so darn cute ... and much softer than plastic!
    you are woman ... woman not afraid of poo ... hear you roar!!!