Friday, March 12, 2010


oh hi.

nothing new or exciting to report. nothing major to bitch about.

i am still peeing my pants every time i sneeze, still gaining mass amounts of weight, still trying to sell the house. still having a boy with huge balls.

i need a root canal. so that is fun. the tooth pain i had last night gave me some practice in pain management. i breathed through the pain. i tried to focus on a place outside my body. i was this close to taking vicodin. but i didn't.

have i mentioned how much i hate teeth? i hate teeth.

what else....oh! i painted the changing table yellow. i am trying to nest where i can. i went shopping for potential changing table baskets. i looked at at least 20 different baskets at 5 different stores.

i may have too much time on my hands here.

other news: when looking for bathing suits for Riley at Old Navy, I discovered the disturbing fact that they have padding in the bikini tops. PADDING. boob padding. for children. small children.

girls of that generation are screwed. my poor daughter....she is totally a part of a generation forced to grow up and be tweens when they are in first grade, teens when they are in 3rd grade, and adults when they hit junior high. i guess i should put her on birth control now. she had a girl in her class, her first grade class, bragging about "having sex with her boyfriend".

clearly, i blame Old Navy for this.

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