Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby boy Brown is here!

He is here!!!

Born May 12th at 6:28pm.
7lbs 3oz
19 inches

and yes, I did it completely drug free.

Also, he has only been in cloth dipes since birth! :)
Ballard Swedish birth center gives you the option and supply prefolds!

I am one happy mommy.

He is totally perfect. Already nursing like a pro....light blondish brown hair....slept well last night...
I can't believe it is done. He is here and healthy and beautiful. I am
no longer pregnant. I had the natural
delivery I wanted.... The week I wanted.... And I only needed one stitch. ;)

more later, I will be writing my labor story with great detail.

1 comment:

  1. woo-hoo!!!
    so exciting to hear and can't wait to hear more! very glad everything worked out so well - you sound so incredibly happy!

    seriously, though, what should we call him? ; )