Saturday, May 1, 2010

37 weeks


i am huge.

one week until IT IS ON. i go in on May 10th to have my membranes stripped. whooohoooo!

I really hope to have him that week....the 14th maybe? the 12th? Any day that week works for me.....just not the 9th. that day is taken. he can have the 8th if he wants.....and share with his Dad. :)

38 weeks seems like the perfect amount of time.....Riley was born just after the 38 day mark and was a nice 7lbs 6oz of pink perfectness.

yesterday i did a final run to Babies r us....picked up some last min essentials like breast pads and......a baby hairbrush. because i am convinced he will have a little head of soft brown hair that i will need to brush. i know that sounds weird and is just wishful thinking. he will more likely be bald like i was.

today i put all my old pictures onto a drive so i have plenty of room for new pictures. i plan on taking thousands and thousands of pictures of this baby. Riley was born right when digital cameras were becoming the norm...but they were still crazy expensive and really crappy. all pixely and with that annoying delay. anyway....i ended up with not many baby pictures of her. i have made up for it by taking millions of photos of her in the last few years....but i wish i had more itty bitty baby photos.

so expect many, many photos.

also.....i have this pet peeve. i follow a lot of blogs. mom blogs. pregnancy blogs. i understand that not everyone is like me and wants to share everything on the internet. but i hate it when i have been following a blog about someones pregnancy for 9 months or longer and then.....BAM......nothing. that baby is born and they become private people unwilling to share baby names or photos.

i know there are safety concerns...or privacy issues....or whatever.... i guess i have never had a problem....or even a concern about it. you can probably find naked pics of me on the internet. or pics of me smoking pot. it is not hard. i think i have them on my flickr page. or on Dan's flickr page. whatever. i am not planning on running for president. and i worked in advertising where nudity and pot and scandal are embraced. not that i am planning on working again.....

but point being.....i am not private. i will not be keeping this baby private after sharing every time i pee my pants for the last 9 months.

blog friends, i trust you. maybe because i am dumb. maybe because i am naive. maybe because i don't give a crap. maybe because anyone that wants to track me down and kill me.....well good luck. Coco is a vicious dog and we collect huge guns and knives. many, many knives. and we are all trained ninjas.


  1. I am SO excited to see pictures of this little guy you've been growing. May 13th is my birthday, so I'm gonna pull for that day to be THE day :). I totally know what you mean about people falling off the earth after the baby comes. I know moms are busy and tired, but the babies are the whole point to all this madness, right? You look great and ready to burst :).

    Btw, are you really not gonna work, or what are your plans there?

  2. I cannot WAIT to see pictures of him! May is a great month to be born -- just ask Maddie!

    PS you are so freaking cute!

  3. woo-hoo to more pictures!
    oh- and i think you look fabulous!

  4. You're so lucky! My doctor, who loves science and better living through chemistry, is totally content to let nature take its course. So basically it's up to sex and spicy food. And maybe jumping the neighborhood speed bumps in my car.