Tuesday, May 11, 2010

38 weeks

Hello!! I am blogging from my new fancy iPad!!! Whoop!!!

Last weekend was wonderful. We went out for a delicious dinner on saturday to celebrate our birthdays. Then we went out Sunday morning for mothers day brunch. It was fantastic. I love brunch. I wish I could have brunch every day.

Yesterday was my midwife appointment and she swept my membranes, which was very exciting... Because it means progress!!!! I was at a 3 before she did it, then after was at a 4!!!! AND this morning, I lost my plug!!!!! It was so disgusting. But awesome. But really gross. But exciting. But nasty. But fantastic.

I showed Dan. I know that is disgusting. I know a lady should keep some things secret from her man. But I am no lady. I like gross stuff and I have been known to overshare.

Me: oh my god look!!!! I lost my plug!!!!
Dan: well that is fucking gross
Me: I know! Isn't it nasty and amazing? Look how big it is!!!!
Dan: yep
Me: ok, I will throw it away.....even though I kinda want to save it for the baby book.
Dan: isn't it considered a biohazard?


Hope to go into actual labor soon. I am going to go finish mowing the lawn. Did half yesterday. Had on and off painful contractions..... They have sort of stopped today.....hmpf.....

Cmon labor! Bring it!!!


  1. Yay!!! It just occurred to me that your baby is due any day now, so I thought, Quick! Check the blog! Glad to hear of this progress. Will be thinking of you!

  2. Admit it. You took its picture, didn't you. ;)

    Yeay progress!

  3. I seriously considered taking a picture. ;)