Tuesday, March 22, 2011

monster baby

i feel like i am dodging collections when i think about this blog. it is like that "oh crap!! i know! i know, i know I KNOW!! i just keep FORGETTING to send the check!!" feeling....i have been meaning to update for so long....and then i forget and then i feel crappy about it.

i mean....not that i get collections phone calls or anything. well, not since college. but who doesn't get sent to collections in college, right?


moving on!

i am sure no one reads this anymore....because that is what happens when you stop blogging....but i am going to try to be better...really....seriously...

Milo is 10 months. He likes playing with his dirty clothes basket (takes all the dirty clothes out and flings there all over the room), the dishwasher, the heat vent, and the plunger.

those are his go-to fave toys.

he bites like a piranha, scratches, pinches, headbutts....

so, as you can see, it is all roses and gumdrops around here.

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