Sunday, April 4, 2010

baby room!!!

We took the house off the market....and i made up for lost nesting time by doing everything this weekend....
On Friday i cleared out Riley's stuff from her room into our old room....and we are now in the old guest room. it is like musical rooms. So once Riley's stuff was pretty much moved...i started painting over the extreme pink....When Dan came home we did another coat....then on Saturday, after a delicious pre-Easter brunch, we painted the trim, did more touch up....AND put together the crib. YAY!!! i was so excited that before the last screw was in i was already putting on the crib sheet and skirt.
Today, we were lucky enough to have my parents come over and help take apart the other rooms in the musical room meant swapping beds, closets, miscellaneous furniture and crap.... was a productive weekend. and i FINALLY could satisfy my nesting urge. now i am just going to spend the next few weeks sitting in the room...refolding baby clothes over and over again......moving furniture.....staring at the crib... some pictures.....

here we have BEFORE:

and AFTER:

then i moved things around....still deciding how everything will fit...


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