Sunday, April 4, 2010

baby shower

(my friend Sarah, my crazy sister in law, Jen, my giant basketball belly, Me)

i forgot to do my 32 week photo because i actually had stuff going instead of spending a lot of time thinking about, planning, setting up, adjusting lighting, picking outfit, finding correct angle, setting timer....and getting a cute weekly photo.....i was actually doing normal stuff like normal people who do....stuff.

that stuff included hanging out with my mother in law....learning to sew.....sewing a couple blankets, a crib bumper, and a with mother in law....and going to baby shower!!

my friend Sarah had the most lovely shower for me and i had such a great time. I loved celebrating with family and friends and everyone was so generous....we got so much great stuff! and the food was amazing and look at the lovely flowers!

and look at that CAKE!!

about to enjoy cake.....

(yes, dan attended the shower....he can hang with a bunch of ladies....doesn't he look happy?)

enjoying cake....

so the reason i have mostly food pics is because i like food.

and i am waiting for Sarah to send me the pics of us from her camera....

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