Friday, April 23, 2010

36 weeks

i had a dream that i was giving birth to puppies. when i woke up i was on puppy number 4.

lately i have had a crazy obsession with coleslaw, broccoli slaw, rainbow slaw. i just cant get enough slaw. and sweet potato fries. i could eat slaw and sweet potato fries everyday.

and waffle cones.

most everything is in order and we are ready to go. i know i have 2 more weeks until i am even "full term" and 4 weeks until the due date....but the car seat is installed, hospital bag packed, baby clothes washed and room all put together.

so now i will just sit around and eat and eat and eat and wait for labor. sounds easy enough, right? i think i might fit in a pedicure, some yoga, maybe a massage. Dan and I have birthdays coming up, on the 8th and 9th, so we will probably go out to dinner....if i can fit out the front door by then.


  1. I can't believe your little one is almost here! You are looking great!

  2. :) Love you!!! Can't believe Sadie was already born where you are right now... wow.