Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 dpo

today i am 3 days past ovulation and feeling good. of course if i feel something... i pause....think "could this be a symptom?" ponder. then shake my head and laugh at myself because it is WAY to early to have symptoms. i did have the same lil bubbly spasms last night like i had last month around 1-2 dpo and then again around 6-7 dpo. i guess this could just be a common post O feeling....i know i have had it on non pregnant cycles. i felt queezy yesterday....but CMON....i was 2 dpo! so NOT a symptom at this point.

i have a lot of friends with babies. most of them i like enough....but don't really want to touch them. does that sound bad? i guess i generally am picky about other's people's babies. i love babies and love to stare and smile at them.....but i find it hard to connect with babies that are not my own. i also have found it difficult to even want to be around babies since i had the miscarriages. i know this is silly and selfish. but....most of the time it hurts too much.

however, my friend Sarah had a baby last August 4th and i loved her from the moment i saw her (i was at the hospital when she was born). She is such a magical baby with the sweetest soul. I feel connected to her in a way that i rarely do with babies. anyway.....i got to take some portraits of her yesterday for her first birthday and i had so much fun. i want to eat her up!


  1. Dana, I love your photography, you should concider doing it professionally

  2. thanks! that is what sarah keeps telling me....i am just getting to the point where i feel good about it...i love taking portraits...and capturing someones personality in an image....and babies and kids are so easy to shoot...i don't have any lights or any real idea of what i am for now i just do it for friends for i can get more experience. a couple of sarah's friends want me to take pics of their i might try it out...

  3. Oh!! Too cute! I want to eat her up!! And I want you to come take pictures of my terrors. ;)