Saturday, August 8, 2009

i may go postal next week

oh hi.

nothing to report. like really....nothing. i feel normal. totally normal and boring. 5 days past ovulation. i have felt a little tired lately....but i refuse to call this a symptom at this point.

we did a lot of yard work was sort of fun. kind of bonding for the husband and i. we never do stuff like chores. we are both and we like to do other things on the weekends (hence the mass amount of weeds we needed a saw to cut down today). we are one of those couple with different priorities than our parents. we let dishes sit in the sink overnight. we keep our dirty clothes in a pile on our floor.

i know, i know. gross. disgusting. embarrassing. we should be ashamed! but we aren't. we do, however, have A LOT of fun together in our filth. i promised him i would never give him a "honey-do" list....and we have probably worked on the yard twice in 3 years.

in other news.....i got a bill today from my lab work.....for $755.


blink blink


this is after insurance. my "awesome" insurance that we pay an ARM and freaking LEG for each month only covered $177! how is my bill this high? for blood work? WHAT?!

i almost vomited all over the mail box. and not in that cool "oh, is this a symptom?" way. in the i want to break into the insurance office with a machete way.

and just think....i haven't even started my progesterone yet!!!! i start on monday....the day i will call and GO CRAZY on the phone. i am going to use this progesterone induced hormonal rage to a good use.


  1. haha, it is nice to have an excuse:). That is INSANE! What kind of bloodwork did they do? I absolutely HATE insurance companies!

  2. Hey! This is Melissa from babycenter (4crazykidz). I am TOTALLY laughing hysterically at this!! THIS IS ME & MY HUSBAND!!! LOL! I love it!! We are happy in our filth. Okay, so maybe not, he complains about it constantly, even though it's HIM that strips down in the living room and leaves it all there, but anyway... ha ha ha, I thought I was the only one on the planet that wasn't the perfect housewife! I think I have dishes from TWO days ago in my sink right now. ;) ( I can just HEAR all the perfect housewives out there GASP in unison...) I'm so happy I FINALLY clicked on your blog, lol!