Monday, August 17, 2009

her last visit

she has many names
and is the punch line to a few jokes.
always here, even when she is not.
like the moon.
like the tides.

i never thought of her
until i did

girl, you come without asking
like a vagabond with a cardboard sign
asking for snacks or money or more.
i would drive past you and not make eye contact
if i had a choice

but you hop on in
sit down
smile and wink like you own the place

in a way you do

this is the last time we do this
your last visit to my bed
my indifference has turned

like a simple table wine to sour vinegar

i don't want you anymore
(well, not for months and months)

so pack your shit and leave.



  1. Very nice send-off! May she never return! (at least for a long while!)

  2. i'm going to share this with my aunt today, too!

  3. haha, that is GREAT! Love it - especially asking for snacks:)