Tuesday, February 16, 2010

note: don't try to sell home while pregnant

emotional breakdown# 1

i just wrote a hormonal email to my poor realtor...who will never want to work with a pregnant woman ever again. in this email i wrote that no, i will not remove my le creuset pot off the stove for staging because it is "an accent color that brings together the other turquoise items in the kitchen".

then i told him that i will NOT "thin out" the built in bookcases. WTF? i don't get this. are we supposed to look like we don't have enough books to fill our bookcases? doesn't he know that i subscribed to Domino Magazine (RIP) and that i have read endless how-to's on making a bookcase look awesome and decorative?

and while i am on the subject....don't tell me where to put my fucking accent pillow!!! it goes on the chair, NOT the COUCH.

and, not to toot my own horn, but i have descent taste in home decorating. i am a creative person. i have a good eye for composition. i have been known to take a good photo. and the realtor is telling me how to stage my house. and he is hiring a photographer to take photos of the house. now, i was totally down when i thought the "professional" photographer had a wide lens and a fancy light kit. but, no. NO. the "photographer" has the same camera as me and takes crappy photos (i saw a mailer for a different house).


*head in hands*


why am i doing this again?

also.....i had a dream last night that worms were under my skin. i could see them crawling and growing UNDER MY SKIN. i was begging a doctor to remove them and for some reason i had to wait until the next day....and they were CRAWLING UNDER MY SKIN and reproducing and growing and OH MY GOD it was awful.

no more cinnamon life cereal before bed.

more fun pregnancy stuff:

i cried while driving to trader joes today for no real reason...i was thinking about childbirth....

i have leg cramps in my calves in the morning now. i think i am on day 3 of leg cramps waking me up. sooooo pleasant.

heartburn. so far it is the worst when i have fruit snacks. this makes no sense.


  1. OMG Dana, I totally feel you! I am finding this house buying thing extreemly stressful and I don't even have a house to sell, let alone being pregnant while I am doing it. I really really don't think I could.

    GL to you hon, just keep thinking about how fun it is to have your new place.

  2. I second your RIP Domino magazine - I curse the Glamour that comes every month in its place.

    And if it helps, if I walked into your kitchen I would go, "oooh! turquoise le creuset!" and my interest would be totally piqued.