Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cure of cute

don't you hate it when a perfectly good day is going along and everything is fine and you are enjoying a delicious muffin, when BAM, something unexpected happens and ruins your day?

don't you hate it when you get a call from the assistant principal from your child's school and are told your darling daughter had to be removed from class and HIT HER TEACHER?

and then you are on the phone and your jaw is hanging open and your muffin suddenly tastes horrible and no words can come out of your mouth and you just mumble "uh hum" a few times and you feel totally and completely mortified and embarrassed that your child is THAT CHILD?

and then you are shopping for new leggings because all of yours have faded or are too snug and the sales lady actually says "you look like you are having a bad day" and you realize you must have been scowling or pouting without knowing it....or it could be that you didn't brush your hair and you put mascara on in the car and you have a run in your pre-pregnancy tights (that SO do not fit anymore) from your dumb dog jumping on you??

i hate those days.

like today, for example.

days like this demand one thing and one thing only....

cute overload. that's right. CUTE OVERLOAD!!!

the lil puff ball on the left just KILLS me. oh HI lil white puff!! oh what? what lil curious cotton puff?

apparently white and puffy is a recipe for AWESOME.


this one makes me cry...in a good way. in a universal, we are all one, we all love our babies, isn't the world magical kind of way. oh i want to just squaaaaa-weeeeeze you!!!!

oy! itty bits baby fawn! tinesy pocket fawn! me love!

ahhhhh.......now i feel a little better.


  1. oh my goodness...the Koala's are so cute I can barely contain myself!

  2. I meant to say I'm peeing my pants here...
    I'm calling it... Coco is a goner once baby boy arrives. :)