Monday, February 22, 2010

27 weeks

as expected, last week was rough.

there were some tears, a few fights, a lot of eye rolling, deep breaths, sarcastic comments, passive aggressive behavior, key throwing, door slamming....

you get the idea.

the good news: the house is officially on the market. all the crap that needed to get done for this to happen.....has happened. the yard, the cleaning out closets, the organizing, the removal of unneeded piles of crap, the house cleaning, trim and door painting, poop scooping....all done. now all i have to do is keep the house at a super clean state so i can up and go at any time if an interested party wants to stop by.

that means doing dishes right away. and making beds as soon as you get up. crazy!!!! who does this?! i mean....besides grown-ups.

now all we need is a nice full price offer, a new house to buy, moving trucks....and ta-da! easy living!

um....yeah. we will see if any of this happens.

this week i go in for my glucose test. i am really excited for this....because any test where i have to drink high doses of sugar is a test for me! i am going to ace this one!

i also made an appointment to, um, confirm the babies gender. this means i am having an "elective ultrasound". this also means i am "neurotic" and " not trusting of the system".

i just need to be sure. i know this is nuts. but i need to see a penis and don't have any memory of seeing it at our 18 week "medical ultrasound". i know we were told "boy". i know i celebrated this. i know i have bought many, many boy outfits. but....i have no picture and no memory of a PENIS.

so.....Friday at 10AM i will confirm that there is a penis and i will get pictures of it.

the third trimester is upon us. countdown is ON. i get to go to my midwife every other week now. and i get to complain constantly. there will be a baby shower in a month. i am also just getting fatter and fatter and fatter and it is AWESOME.

27 weeks


  1. OMG Dana, you look so cute. Pregnancy really suits you.

  2. That picture is so, so beautiful. Makes me all teary-eyed!

  3. I am peeing my pants. I love you.