Sunday, February 14, 2010

26 weeks

we are getting our house ready to sell and it may kill me.

oh hi, anxiety!!! i remember you!! i know, i has been awhile! um....i hate you!

if all goes according to plan, the house will be ready and listed by THIS FRIDAY. if you could see my house you would understand why this is impossible to happen without a couple panic attacks. and a few crying fits.

calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

enough about that. Happy Valentine's Day!

Today i got some flowers from my hubbypie (gag) and i had a delicious croissant and a mocha for breakfast. swoon.

my belly pics are going to start getting more and more grotesque as the weeks go on. i think i may be hitting that point. it is leaving the cute stage and moving into the "ewwwww, cover your shame" stage. i feel like the baby has grown significantly in the last week.....or maybe it is me growing from all the ice cream and cupcakes. either way....let me apologize now. my pics are about to get uggggly.

new cravings:

greek salad

other news:

i got a sewing machine! yay! i have NO idea how to use it, but.....yay!

Riley is now 7. Crazy.

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  1. Re: House for sale: You are a far braver woman than I. Break a leg! (seems more appropriate for the circumstances than good luck, don't ask me why)

    Re: Brownies - I can't eat them anymore. The heartburn from all that chocolate is too deadly. I'm thinking monkey bread might be a nice substitute.

    Super cute bump picture, I really need to get off my ass and take a few before I hit Too Big.