Sunday, January 31, 2010

20 lbs never felt so good.

i was told to lay off the carbs at my last midwife visit and i am not going to do that. thanks for the medical advice, but no i will not stop eating cake, cookies, bread, croissants, pasta, etc. I thought about it....i spent a long time looking in the mirror....i almost made a low carb meal......but, no. no no no. i just can't do it. so i will be a big round pregnant chick. i will not be one of those cute pregnant girls with the lil perfect round belly and tiny everything else. i will complain and some days mope around and cry and say things to my husband like "i am so fat and disgusting, it is uncomfortable to just sit here. will you still love me when you have to call a crane to get me out of the house and they have to weigh me on a cattle scale? will you still love me when you have sponge bath under my fat rolls?"

and he always says "no"....but i think he is kidding. i think.

so i am ok with it. and i would rather be a fat pregnant chick for a few months than be on a diet. i love NOT dieting. LOVE IT. i love food so much. i love butter. oh god i love butter.

and yes i will still be in a bikini 2 days from now. i don't care. i may even be brave enough to take pics of this and post them on the internets for all to see.
look at her go! she is a weight gaining machine!!! just yesterday she was holding her lil belly looking cute, now she is in a giant mumu eating a hot dog! she no longer has ankles, wrists or a neck!

other news:

My mother-in-law is going to be here in March for the baby shower and she is going to teach me to sew!!! yay!!!! our first item will be a crib bumper since i have not been able to find anything close to what i want. I did however find a cute and simple quilt on etsy in the right color scheme. which brings me to......

i bought 2 items from Etsy today! i love etsy!! i love spending money on baby!!!

items bought for baby:

about 20 cloth diapers (a nice mix of aio's and one size pockets)
fancy fluffy coat by "little giraffe" in mocha
dark chocolate brown pj separates in uber fancy and soft bamboo
2-3 target sleepers/outfits
2-3 fancy sleepers/outfits....designer names and way, way too much money.
1 gap outfit plus 3 pack of plain white onsies
H&M newborn set of tiny adorable sleepers/outfits

and now (!!)....

crib quilt from etsy (my first purchase for the nursury!):

i know this is a little girly....but whatever. picture it in a BRIGHT BLUE room.

wetbag (for dirty cloth diapers) from etsy:


  1. Theres not going to be anything left to buy you for your shower!!! Enough already!!
    Lets meet tomorrow at MI around 11?

  2. Diets are for the unpregnant! The only concession I plan on making is to not eat my usual pint of ice cream before bed the night before my glucose test.

    See you at the stockyard next weigh in...

  3. I love both of those, I am going to have to google etsy, lol