Thursday, January 14, 2010

Target experience

i went to target for a bra.....and left with 2 bags full of clothes and spent $120 bucks.

i love target.

so, my boobs are HUGE.  well, compared to how they normally are....
needless to say, i got a string bikini for Hawaii.   i also got 2 cute sun dresses (one long and one short), 2 tank tops, a pair of sandals, and a bra.  oh and a fun yellow coat for Spring.  none of it was maternity.  target maternity stuff is all very, very depressing.

trying on a string a target dressing 21 weeks a profound experience.  first of all....Riley makes all sorts of embarrassing favorite was "wow, mom, your boobs are hairy!"

i want to state here that my boobs ARE NOT HAIRY.  but she said was out there....i could hear women in other dressing rooms hold their breath and try not to laugh.

i told her to stop talking.   

a few minutes later she asked "what does XL mean?"  

ahhhh, yes.  those lil zings feel great on the ego.  plus the florescent lighting and awesome mirrors....i think i saw every blemish, every dimple, every vein in its truest form.  i think i had a Dr Phil moment and saw myself for who i truly am.    and i am jiggly.  

so i went home and signed up for prenatal yoga.  i know it isn't much, but it is more than laying on the couch. 

last night was my first of 7 yoga classes.  ever done kegels in a room full of other woman doing kegels?  it is weeeeeird.   but liberating!   whatever!  we are all using our vagina muscles right now!  so what?!  weeeee!   (for visual reference here....we were in a squatting position, legs wide, with our hands a prayer......our bums a few inches off the floor......all of us focusing on our "fleshy triangle"  or our "pelvic floor")

anyway, i know it won't help much with my bathing suit body, but it did feel good to do something to strengthen myself....firm up.....tighten floor among other areas.  

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