Monday, January 4, 2010

20 weeks

i can't get internet at home anymore.  well, i can on my iphone....but not on my laptop.  it has been amazing to realize i can do almost everything on my all my online cloth dipe research and shopping, facebooking, keeping up with babycenter, and i even registered at land of nod....all on my iphone!!   the one thing i can't do, is blog.  i have tried.  it won't let me.  and there is no app.  bullshit, i know.  

all of that was my long winded explanation for not writing in awhile.!  

baby boy likes to kick and punch and flail a lot these days.   at the ultrasound he was head down, and i think he still is....due to the amount of strong kicks around my belly button and right jabs and left hooks i feel lower in my belly.   i love feeling him move.  it is such a weird and wonderful alien and parasitic, yet magical and fantastic.  nothing really makes you feel pregnant like a weird internal punch to your bladder.  it is your first realization that this life in there is it's own....he is in there, stretching and sucking his thumb and moving around whenever he feels like it...

i am not as sick this week.  i only throw up if i eat breakfast too fast.  i actually feel pretty great these days.  my only real consistent food aversion is chicken.  i really like beef.  bacon is great. fish is good sometimes.  eggs are enjoyable.  but chicken is the most disgusting food imaginable.  

i ordered 13 more diapers over the weekend....bringing my stash total to....20.  10 of those are "one size" diapers which won't fit until he is a lil bigger.....and 10 should fit him from the get go.  i still need to get a few more but i want to wait and see what brand i like best and what fits him best, what washes best ect.   brands i have so far to try out:  bumgenius (the xs and s "all in ones" which will fit earlier and the "one size" that will fit when he gets bigger) fuzzibunz, blueberry, rumparooz (both the "one size" and the "lil joey" for infants), smartipants, and thirsties aio.....

i linked all of those so anyone can go see how cute cloth diapers are and to see all the crazy differences.  enjoy!

for Christmas i got tickets to Hawaii!!!  whooohooo!!   we go in February,  and i made the mistake of trying on a maternity bathing suit yesterday.  um.....fugly.  so fugly.   there is nothing cute about maternity swimsuits.  so i am just going to squeeze myself in my old 2 piece and let it all hang out.  doesn't that sound better? 

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