Sunday, January 10, 2010

21 weeks

Last week i got a lot of cloth diapers in the mail.  this was very exciting  for me and not as exciting for Dan.  I ran around squealing and trying to show him all the cuteness and he barely glanced in my direction.   After he showed little enthusiasm and wouldn't look up from his sudoku, i did this:

Food is my friend again.  I am so happy to eat and not gag.  The down side, of course, is I am starting to really pack on the pudge.  and not in the cute belly way.  in the jiggle arm, double chin, cottage cheese thighs, need new underwear to fit huge ass....way.   

and yes i love it.  and yes it will all look better with a tan.  yes, a TAN.  Which I will be getting in about 3 weeks when I am soaking up the vitamin D in Hawaii.  tan skin is like camo for jiggly bits.  

Weird pregnancy stuff:  
my hands keep going numb when i sleep.  
i have a weird red blotchy rash on my chest.
one side of my face has acne and the other side is clear and glowing.
my finger nails grew about a half inch in one day.  i cut them, looked down later an they needed to be cut again.  

other stuff:   
are we crazy for even considering selling our house and buying a new one right now?  this would involve lots of cleaning.  then it would include packing.  then moving.  oh and then unpacking.   moving is quite possibly my least favorite thing to do.  it is up there with root canals and catheters.   

but i guess it could also be great because i have this excuse to be totally lazy and hire movers and cleaning people.  and i won't want to move with a baby....and it seems like now is a good time to we wait another year?  


  1. LOVE the picture!

  2. The tax credit goes away April 1st, that's why we are buying now. I know you're not a first time buyer but there is another credit for repeat buyers I think it's up to $6,000. That's a lot of diapers