Thursday, January 21, 2010

22 weeks 4 days

so i think i passed a kidney stone.

why else would i pee blood?

cool, huh?

ok, enough about that. moving on...

i finally dusted off my camera and took some belly pics. i had one from 14 weeks....and that is it. this is kind of a big deal to me only because i have ZERO pregnancy pics from Riley. oh wait.....i have one. ONE . and it was taken the night before i was induced. 210 + pounds of misery is in that photo. it is painful to look at.

so....i am not promising i won't be huge again....but i will take weekly photos from this point on and put them on my flickr page in a cute folder called "belly".

speaking of getting huge....i baked a delicious chocolate cake last week and ate almost the entire thing myself.

booya! pregnancy rules!!

(except for the whole peeing blood thing. that part kind of sucks)

big fat belly pics can be found here!


  1. You look so cute!!!! Cant wait to start planning your SHOWER!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness.... such a teaser with that delicious cake...!!! YUM...!

    You are also looking GREAT!