Monday, January 11, 2010

nursery inspiration

ideas for our nursery/ guest room/ room we will be in when baby gets here:

i  have mentioned this before here, but i love bright colors.  i love the colors on this here blog, if i do say so myself....hence me choosing them for the baby blog.  i love aqua, turquoise, robins egg, and seafoam.  i love bright sunshine yellow and tangerine orange.  i like white.  oh and i love birds and owls and squirrels. 

so.  ideas.  i want blue walls.  prob will be seafoam or a light aqua.  or white walls?  i want a white crib.  with either all white bedding, or some type of patterned yellow or orange.  

i have a changing table that is a honey colored wood.  i am 
going to sand it down and paint it. not sure what color yet.  white?  yellow?  

i have a light maple rocking chair.  it will need a fun pillow.

i want fun art.  like cute baby animal stuff mixed with pop culture stuff.  

i feel like i have all these puzzle pieces in front of me and i need to figure out the right combo to make them all fit.  i know it is there.  i feel inspired and excited. for the nurseries i love that get me all hyper to spend lots of money and get creative. all of these can be found here.  Enjoy!!


  1. ooh- cute!
    so something i've found that i really like is the prints here:

    i'm thinking green + brown with elephants - maybe ... depends on when i get pg - my tastes may change!

  2. oh i LOVE those!!! i will be buying one...or two...maybe three?

  3. Ah yes, the nursery...I am working on my masterpiece right now, too... :)

    I like the one above with the seafoamy/celeste green walls and the yellow. That's purty.

    I'm leaning towards owls. Owls and purple. I have a white crib and dresser, so I think I may do at least one bright purple wall - maybe with this on it

  4. Very cool nurseries! I love them. They are so much cuter than the standard usual ones. I really like the yellow crib! and it would go so well with a bright turquoise wall:). How exciting to plan all this!

    I was thinking of you when I was reading this Daddy blog:

    This link is an entry where he is talking about his wife setting up a green eco-friendly daycare/preschool with cloth diapers and organic food and all! They live in Seattle, so I thought about you and all your diapers:).

  5. Oooh Dana I love those designs. I esspecially love the blue and yellow one.

    Ok so I checked out that site with the prints on wood and they are so cute. I might have to get them eventually. I think I'm going to bookmark the site. The blocks are cute too but a bit much for baby room art at $120.00! I know I know they're originals...but geez