Thursday, June 18, 2009


i am a little hungover.

i had a healthy dose of vodka last night and now i have the headache to prove it.

i guess i slept in my makeup which always makes me feel so icky the next day, albeit ready to go as soon as i get out of bed.....but i look very walk of shame-ish.....very slutty sorority-girl-ish.

so yeah, period showed up last night.

i feel mostly fine about it. bummed, sure. but not the devastated wreck that i have been in previous months. i pretty much know how to deal with it now.....and i mean with a solid dose of vodka.

i am sure there are healthier ways of maybe next month when i am eating a raw diet i will take a shot of wheatgrass and plant a tree and do some yoga to deal with the extreme disappointment of yet another month of no pregnancy......but i doubt it will feel as awesome as the total drunk numbness from last night and the clouded headache of today.

anyway, onward to July!

looks like ovulation will be around the Fourth of, ah hem, hubs and i will be making our OWN fireworks.....nudge nudge. wink wink.

i might still be drunk.

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