Monday, June 1, 2009

in the stars

ok. feeling good (as in less emotional and disappointed than i was last week). hopefully later this week the stars will align and we will GET IT ON perfectly timed with ovulation....but if that doesn't happen, i won't be too upset. i actually need the break...from counting days...noting symptoms, crossing fingers. i think if it doesn't happen, if it isn't even a slight possibility, i will feel much better. at least for this month. at least in theory.

it is funny how i used to have all these rules about when i wanted to get i didn't want to be due in August because i would be miserable and hot and hugely pregnant. or i didn't want to be due in December because of the holiday mess. and i didn't want a February baby because I already have one and it would be good to space out the birthdays (and it kind of sucks to have birthday parties in the winter). Ideally i always thought i would like to have a Spring Baby. or a Fall baby. i like the idea of being in my second trimester in the summer to show off the cute belly.....or to have a Spring baby because then I would have the summer right around the corner to encourage me to get pre-baby body back and enjoy the warmth with a wee one....instead of having a Fall baby and having to bundle them in multiple layers for the first 8 months of their life. I also always thought to myself "i don't want a Scorpio baby....i never get along with Scorpios"..... (um....yeah.....i know)

see.....i used to think about this a lot. and now....well now i don't care when. i DON'T give a shit what time of year, what season, where the moon is, what astrological sign it would be.....i just want it to happen. I now find myself thinking each month would be the PERFECT month to either A) conceive or B) deliver. (and when i catch myself remembering the crazy Pisces i dated that was a total whackjob loser, i push it way back in my brain and try to focus on reality and that astrology means very little...and that i have also dated losers of "signs" i "like"......)

am i nuts? have i come unglued?

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  1. Oh Dream, I think that we have all gone a little nuts with this ttc crap, lol. It is just so easy to get so caught up in it, to let it consume yo almost. I hear people say all the time that it "happen when I stopped thining about it" and I think, doesn't "stop thinking about it" actually mean give up?

    It is funny to hear about how you used to think about pregnancy when you thought it would be easy. I didn't really have any expectations at all. I can really only concentrate on one part of this at a time. Richt now I am on step 1, getting that second line for the first time ever, lol.

    It will happen for both of us, I am still sure of that. And our DH will be happier then they ever thought they would be, I just know it.