Thursday, June 4, 2009

fun with numbers!

i recently read that i have a 17% chance of getting pregnant each month. that is the number for women ages 30-35. seventeen percent. and i assume, but i may be wrong, that number is if you are actually in having the appropriate amount of well timed "sessions" on the days leading up to and during ovulation. so let's say, for fun, that any given month, again assuming all the gears are working correctly and you do in fact ovulate, let's just say you have 3 days out of the month where you can get pregnant. so 2 days before, and the day of, ovulation. 3 days. and let's say you have sex those three days to give you this whopping 17 % chance of success. that would work out to 5.5 % a day.
give or take.

so....i think i have around a 5 % chance this month. according to my wonky math. also according to this math, i had a 10% chance last month.

i wonder what else i have a 5% chance at this month. lightning? do i have a 5 % chance of finding a $20 bill on the ground? how about a 5 % chance of breaking a bone. or a 5% chance i will run into an old friend on the street. a 5 % chance i will find a message in a bottle. a 5% chance i will be the 10th caller and win! a 5% chance i will get run over by a taxi while i am in LA this weekend.

so a 5 % chance this dream will come true...

i am not holding my breath....but at least it is more than 0%

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  1. hey dream, I understand the percentages game. I got my BFN on my blood test closly to be followed by AF, I can feel her coming, she has my address, and is almost at the door. I found out this week that i am A- blood type. I looked it up online and 85% of the populas of the US has a positive blood type. So I wasted my only 16% chance this month on having a stupid blood type. That in fact just makes it harder for me to have babies. How fucked up, :-(