Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so of course i tested! and of course it was negative. doh!

i am still feeling good though. if it really was implantation spotting it would take a couple days for the hormones to show up.....and if it was just my period saying "oh hiiiiiey!" then i feel fine about moving on to next month.

i have been seriously thinking about making a huge diet/lifestyle change.....i am thinking about going RAW. i have wanted to do this for awhile and now that i officially eat like a pregnant person and apparently have a belly like one.....yet i am NOT.....i think i should make some changes.

so raw basically means i wouldn't eat anything that has been cooked or processed. this would mean cutting out everything i alcohol, sugar, coffee, meat.....

it would be a lot of work and a total challenge and i would bitch and moan and cry everyday.....sounds like fun!

goodbye cupcakes, beer and burgers!

hello sproated grain, avocados and veggies!

so....if AF shows up, i will start raw diet. if not, i will continue to stuff my face with comfort food.

p.s. i would like to take this moment to thank food for comforting me over the last 6 months. thank you, delicious comfort food. it's not you, it's me. i just need to fit in my pants now.

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