Monday, June 8, 2009


just got back from a little vacation to Venice Beach. it was lovely and i am totally sunburned.

i sat by the pool and read this:

and i loved it.

i laughed really hard....and i cried into my sunglasses. she writes so candidly and honestly about battling postpartum depression. she is so hilarious and genuinely real. if you have ever battled with depression, this book will make so much sense. she describes that world all it's painful, tragic and haunting moments. and she does a fantastic job of describing the utter madness mixed with heart exploding LOVE of having an infant.

if you haven't already, check out her blog,

so....i am almost 4 dpo (it is almost tomorrow)

so far, nadda on the "symptoms"....imagine that with my whopping percentage (see last post) for this month? weird.

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  1. Dream don't worry about the symptoms, kemist had no symptoms the month she got her bfp, so it doesn't mean anything. Plus I think for people like us most of the "symptoms" are in our head anyway.