Tuesday, September 22, 2009


i can't remember when the all day gagfest started with the pregnancy in December.....i am pretty sure it started right at 6 weeks. i was a mess and totally unable to function like a human. i am hoping it is not as debilitating this time...but of course i don't mind if it is. bring it!! i will walk on coals! sleep on nails! i will eat glass if it means i get a baby at the end! so what!? so i will feel like vomiting every second of every day for a few weeks? whatever! that does not even phase me. i can handle it. I CAN HANDLE IT, BABY!!!

so this may be the last few days of me feeling good and able to eat, smell and talk about food. so...shout out to food!
i love you, food. please don't take it personally when i curse you and vomit you up and gag on you and plug my nose when near you. soon we will be together again in happiness. here are some 'personals':
salted caramel cupcake: dude, you are so bomb.
donuts: i never liked you....but this last week you have brought me so much joy.
chicken wings: i may not want you now...but in a couple months we will have quite the love affair.
the "#11" burger from my fave burger place: holy crap you are amazing. the chipolte sauce, the spicy peppers. the smoked cheddar. i heart you 4 eva!!
all healthy fruit and veggies: sorry i have been neglecting you. it is not you, it is me.

so far the only major pregnancy symptom i have is that my nipples feel like they have been tenderized. and i LOVE it. (i will not complain. i want it all!!! just grow, baby!!)

2 weeks from today is the big ultrasound. can't wait!

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