Thursday, September 24, 2009

early symptoms this cycle

i have been meaning to post the list of my early symptoms for awhile....and since i keep track on Fertility Friend and my VIP feature is almost expired....i should copy them here before they are gone. so i know this is weird for some people.....but us TTCers.....obsess about this crap. so here are my notes:

ovulation day: holy crap most painful cramps ever tonight
2 dpo: had some tiny fluttering in uterus
3 dpo: thick,creamy CM when i checked CP
4 dpo: lots of very thick white CM
6 dpo: it was abnormally difficult to poop this AM. constipation? little bit of cramping in the evening....and a tiny bit of uterus spasming...lasted about 2 seconds. also....i seem to have very bad gas. stinky.
7 dpo: cramps this morning? in my head? not sure. had weird CM in afternoon..... a glob of wet, eggwhitey but opaque white. but stretchy. CP was low, soft, closed, wet. some pain on right side.
8 dpo: little bit gassy. also a little bit constipated.
9 dpo: kind of feel queasy (progesterone prob). had some random cramps, pokes, pinches (PM). had a bloody booger. and i fell asleep after dinner for an hour and drooled all over the place. lovely. headache for a bit in AM. i feel hungry but i ate 4 slices of pizza.
10 dpo: slept in till noon after i got riley to the bus. lil dull cramps PM
11 dpo: CM seems watery....but whitish. have huge pimple on side of nose. afternoon headache. wanted savory pastry for breakfast. lil cramps, pinches, pokes (had first bfp)
12 dpo: light cramping in AM....still some AF like cramps in afternoon....felt queasy when hungry. had a wave of bad cramps after dinner.
13 dpo: FRER test fainter today. had pretty bad cramps last night. constipated today. pinching/sharp pain on right side. canker sore. SHIT day.
14 dpo: darker test!!! went in for blood test. headache. lots of thick creamy CM, stinky BO. crampy in afternoon. took 2 hour nap in afternoon....but didn't feel tired. (positive blood test)

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